Darker and Deeper than Imagined

Connections old and new between here and there.  Africans in Asia from antiquity through the modern era.

Here are the maps:



Here is the story:


An excerpt –

“In an age obsessed with racial purity, modern historians have
ignored the oxymorons of the ages they explore before their era. In an
era where the rise of the nation-state and empire are racially determined
and even equated with race, the former two are artificially
demarcated in relation to the latter. They are, in fact, geographically
manufactured artifices over which no racial impurity may spill, and in
which the same is hierarchically contained.

Modern conceptualization, in the face of historical contradiction,
simply maintains that the “physics” of these matters, the inherent and
visible oxymorons of the historical record, are at best exceptions, and
at worst nonexistent. In the case of Africans anywhere outside of
Africa—and certainly outside of the ubiquitous “sub-Saharan” Africa
—physical movement was an impossibility before the Columbian era.”

From Maghan Keita, “Africans and Asians: Historiography and the Long View of Global Interactions”

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