Sex, Drugs and Death

This story has been below the national radar for a few years now, but it is beginning to bubble up. There is something in this J. Edgar Hoover – Roy Cohn everything goes culture that is generating some pernicious results for many people. Perhaps this culture of entitlement (referenced by Reuters) devolves from a privileged class perspective. There are no many issues here, and a limited capacity for honest debate/solutions in mass media. Time is ticking.

Isn’t it time for the CDC and the Department of Justice to assertively push for stiffer sentencing for Crystal Meth offenses.  This drug is pushing the nation closer and closer to a public health crisis that will only undermine a fragile health care system; require expensive reactive interventions and surely deliver inequitable services along class lines.  It’s time to bring down the hammer.

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WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Syphilis has risen sharply among gay and bisexual men in the United States this decade, driving up the country’s rate for the disease and placing these men at higher risk for AIDS, federal health officials say.
Since dropping to the lowest level on record in 2000, the U.S. rate of syphilis, a sexually transmitted bacterial disease, has risen steadily, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention officials said on Friday.
Gay and bisexual men accounted for 7 percent of syphilis cases in 2000 but more than 60 percent in 2005, CDC experts estimated.
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“Once these wonder drugs came along, patients no longer saw HIV as a death sentence, and clinicians unfortunately became more lackadaisical about conveying prevention messages,” Ghanem said.
Use of a smokable form of the illegal drug methamphetamine known as “crystal meth” also is associated with unsafe sexual practices linked to syphilis, Ghanem said.

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  1. My physician many years ago argued that she’d never seen AIDs without a co-factor. The co-factor to which she was referring was syphilis.

    I think the powers-that-be have decided to look the other way, akin to the way those that manage, say, the overpopulation of deer encroaching upon suburban areas. If the scourge of AIDs inadvertantly thins the population and just happens to take out a large group of folk deemed undesirable, then, so be it.

    Once again, I’m disinclined to think this is all left up to mere chance, particularly since the larger society has been ruminating upon it’s declining birthrate relative to the rest of the world—begining in the 60s.

  2. I did inpatient treatment at the Walker Center in Gooding, Idaho. Now I go to about 10 – 12 AA meetings a week. I’ve been grateful to have not had to imbibe, ingest, inhale or inject anything to make myself feel OK in six months now. And for that I’m truly grateful.

  3. Data source: UNESCO Institute for Statistics, Data Centre, Fewer than 10 puipls per teacher: 7 countries 10 to 19 puipls per teacher: 90 countries 20 to 29 puipls per teacher: 43 countries 30 to 39 puipls per teacher: 27 countries 40 or more puipls per teacher: 27 countriesThe lowest pupil/teacher ratios in primary school were observed in Tokelau (5.8), San Marino (6.3), Bermuda (8.3), Liechtenstein (8.4), Denmark (9.9), and Sweden and Cuba (10.0).

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