Stop Snitchin’ in White Face – Getting to Know Scooter Libby

Scooter Libby is no snitch. He may be going to jail for a few years, but he is not expect to do 25 years hard labor in the pen at Jackson or Lewisburg or Leavenworth or anywhere else like that. Scooter kept it real with his peeps and represented the West Side (Crawford, Texas) like a stone cold soldier. His immediate capo (Don, I mean Dick Cheney) will make sure that his family is well provided for during Scooter’s bid. Offshore accounts based in Switzerland and Dubai will be set up for Libby. Scooter was a great earner. He put in work and didn’t cave when the pressure was greatest – and he has the facial expressions to prove it.

Obliv-libby-ious: the state of protecting conspirators and guilty parties by appearing confused and dazed by all inquiries.

Dubi-libby-ous: the state of protecting conspirators and guilty parties by appearing to doubt the charges presented by law enforcement officials.

So, why do I have to mention “white face”? Why do I have to make this “racial”? I don’t know. What does Scooter Libby have to do with Black people and Black culture? What does he have to do with “white” people and “white” culture? Are all rappers part of Black culture – and is Black culture exclusively about rap music? Is Black culture about withholding information from police? And when Black people are killed by drug dealers for providing police with critical information, are they really just “acting white”? And if so, what is Scooter doing when he obstructs justice and lies to the Federal Bureau of Investigation? Is Scooter acting Black? Is Scooter keeping it real? Is Scooter’s behavior indicative of the loss of values that keep Black people poor, unemployed and at the margins of society? Or is his behavior indicative of the loss of values that keep “whites” in tremendous personal debt, incapable of saving for the future, leaving marriages at unprecedented rates, obese and doped up?

Scooter Libby is a phukkin’ G. And when your legal system doesn’t throw the book at him – and he gets a significantly reduced sentence – and is allowed to resume a profitable life in the private sector upon his release from jail, you better remember that everyone hates a snitch…even shallow, mindless busters who write-right-write articles exclusively about Black folks who keep a stiff upper lip. At the end of the day, upper-middle class Black folk and “white” America’s fixation with Black behavior will not make your wife more attractive (but plastic surgery might), it will not keep your job from going offshore (but improving your skills, relocating and adapting to a new market might), it will not keep you from getting fat as all hell (but getting up off your fat ass and walking around the block might), it will not erase the national debt or your personal debt (but foregoing comfort purchases to soothe your low self-esteem might), it will not make your children love you (but talking to them about their lives might), it will not make your dick harder, longer (but Viagra will), it will not justify the actions of this administration or this war (and there is no absolution here, there is only blood, oil and demonized “ragheads” – there are no infants, no toddlers, no elders, no dreams, no ambitions, no prayers – only suicide bombers and operatives and insurgents and sympathizers and aiders and abetters).

Remember that when Scooter and others of his crew submit resumes and vitaes, and you are impressed by seeing “White House” on the top line, the bottom line will always say “Jail House” – even if it’s written in disappearing ink.


More “white face” examples of upholding the gangsta code of silence:

There are more, but the point should be clear.  Crime is as reprehensible as it is ubiquitous and the good guys and bad guys often wear the exact same uniform.


  1. It’s funny to hear this talk about Scooter Libby. Do you know what he was convicted for? Did he “leak” and identity of a CIA Agent? Do your homework, and find the truth. Great Work!

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