2007 NFL Draft – Running Commentary – Picks 6-10

LaRon Landry is going to the Redskins. I can’t say I’m happy about that – but it is what it is. As I said, Landry is my favorite player in this year’s draft – and here’s some video for you to get on the bandwagon.

Next up: Adrian Peterson. He is going to the Minnesota Vikings. Note to Chester Taylor: When you beg out of games because you are SORE, you are inviting your franchise to DRAFT a RUNNING BACK in the FIRST ROUND who will not beg of games because HE is SORE. Read that over and over again so that when your contract is renegotiated down, there will not be any hard feelings. Oh, get your ass BACK ON THE BENCH. You are not a lead back. Peterson can carry the load. The Vikings are positioning themselves to do some beautiful things next year, but this Brad Johnson thing is not going to work.

Number 8: Jamaal Anderson to the Atlanta Falcons. Not that Jamal Anderson…If this one turns out to be as good as that one, the Falcons have themselves a player. Anderson was a pleasure to watch at Arkansas. He blend of power and speed had offensive linemen on their heels for most of the season. (Note: Brady is waiting for Godot. Quinn is a good player. This may be embarrassing, but it should be motivational. Matt Leinart went 10th. He’s not better than Leinart.  Roethlisberger went 13th(?), he’s not better than Big Ben.  Heck, Marino went 27th. I don’t believe he’ll be getting picked any time soon though.) The John Abraham deal did not work out the way the Falcons anticipated. New York Jets players typically don’t make good retreads (Notable exception being Santana Moss – but he was less of a retread than a young player who had his first real opportunity to play outside of New York.) Anderson should be the real deal. Let’s hope he’s not the second coming of Aundray Bruce.

Number 9: It’s getting interesting. The Dolphins pull the first shocker of the draft by taking Ohio State wide receiver Ted Ginn. Ginn is an explosive offensive talent; a leading performer in an elite program; a proven winner; the son of a coach; and a threat to score anytime he touches the rock – so why am I shocked? Well, most of Ginn’s memorable plays were (to my recollection) on open field plays and on special teams. I don’t recall him being a route runner on par with Santonio Holmes or Anthony Gonzalez. Maybe Ginn was just wide open all the time because of his speed. I know he has the type of quickness that teams covet. He has that tight space elusiveness that made players like Peter Warrick so attractive – but Ginn’s top end speed puts him in the “measurable” class of players like Torry Holt (sans the polish). If the Dolphins did not already have Ronnie Brown and Chris Chambers, I wouldn’t like this pick. I think Ginn is going too high. I’d like to be wrong about this – but that’s the feeling right now. (Note: Brady is shocked and awed that he WILL NOT be playing for the Miami Dolphins. I’m a little behind – but Suzy Kolber (“I wanna kiss youuuuuu.”) just announced that the league expects Quinn to have a loooong wait and have invited him to wait in a PRIVATE room that is off limits to the public and media. Roethlisberger and Aaron Rodgers toughed it out. I hope Brady declines the room. The walk to the room has to be worse than waiting in public, doesn’t it?)

You know I had to kick the Joe-Suzy interview, right?

Number 10 = Number 19. Amobi Okoye is going to the Houston Texans. Okoye is a 19 year-old graduate of Louisville and will have a nice learning curve. What’s interesting about this pick is that if Okoye is not productive right away, a team can afford to wait. I like this pick.


  1. I’m from DC and I actually wanted the Redskins to take the young dude from Louisville. We’ll see how this experiment helps us. No pass rush is gonna continue to put pressure on the secondary.

    Glad to know you’re a football junkie like me

  2. No question, Sun! I like the pick for the Skins because they’ll definitely get more coverage sacks – and now they can put Sean Taylor in the box and use him the way the Steelers use Polamalu or the way the Eagles use Brian Dawkins. If you get tickets, holla at a brotha.

  3. The Falcons needed this DE, and he is going to be as good as Abraham, (god willing and the creek don’t rise).

    I’m an ATLien and a Dirty Bird for life. We actually had a pretty good overall draft for the first time in a long time. Just bought me a new MV7 jersey and really looking forward to the upcoming season.

  4. I always want good things for the Falcons – but it never seems to happen. I’m not a Falcons fan, but I’ve often rooted for them in some of their biggest moments – and I don’t know how old you are, but I go back to Bartkowski and William Andrews and the gray pants and the white shirts and Fulton County Stadium. I remember those teams losing some heart-breaking games to the Cowboys in the 1970’s.

    I also remember the fullback getting hurt right before the Super Bowl against Denver – and that changed the whole running game for ATL. That was a bigger blow than Gene Robinson gettin’ his freak on with the po-po in the hotel.

    Good luck this year because if the team doesn’t move heaven and earth this year, Petrino will do just that to get Brian Brohm next year coming out of Louisville – and your MV7 will be as obsolete as my JB36.

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