2007 NFL Draft – Running Commentary – Picks 21-25

Still catching up: bear with me.

(The Eagles just made a trade with the Cowboys. Huh? The Eagles traded with the Cowboys? That’s rare (I think) to see two rivals trade for draft picks, especially after the draft has begun. I’ll be looking for an ESPN graphic on that one. The Eagles give up their number 1 for a 2, 5 and 6. Dallas must really want someone. Whomever it is was likely to come off the board and go to the Saints or Patriots.

Mel Kiper stole my crack pipe. He thinks Drew Stanton is the next best QB in the draft. Stanton has presided over more collapses than any QB alive or dead in the history of NCAA football. Ain’t no way in hell he’s the best remaining QB in the draft. Mel, give me my pipe back.

Dallas takes Anthony Spencer from Purdue. Good solid pick. #3 overall pick Joe Thomas and #5 pick Levi Brown both said Spencer was their most difficult matchup on the field. Heady praise from the top of the draft. Solid, solid pick. Good job Tuna! The three guys the Iggles get better turn out to be better than Spencer – okay I’m working my way back now…)

Number 21. Reggie Nelson…made a huge name for himself in Florida’s dominant win over Ohio State. Nelson has all the tools and a solid work ethic. The Jag-wires have a more than adequate replacement for one of my favorite players Deon Grant. Nice job and big up to the Jags GM, James Harris.


Oh, this way back machine here goes all the way back to Harris and Jackie Slater and Lawrence McCutcheon and Jack Youngblood and Nolan Cromwell and Chuck Know and WHAT!?! – west side, old school LA Rams boyeee!!

Number 22. Brady Quinn goes home to the Cleveland Browns. And suddenly, Phil Savage is looking really good. Joe Thomas and Brady Quinn in the first round. That’s a coup. Of course, if these two fellas don’t work out, someone is getting fired. It could be Romeo, it could be Phil. It could be both. Cleveland, as I said at the top has LeCharles Bentley. They picked up Eric Steinbach. He’s very good. Now they have Thomas. Kellen Winslow, Il Duce is locked in at tight end. Braylon Edwards is the all-world wide receiver. The pieces are in place. Add chemistry and mix. The Browns will benefit from playing a last place schedule – but they still have to play the Steelers twice, the Bengals twice and the Ravens twice…and each of those teams fully expect to beat the Browns twice a year, every year forever.

Number 23. Eddie Kennison’s fantasy football stock just went up. The Kansas City Chiefs finally added a decent wide receiver. The Chiefs receivers have been atrocious for too long. The tragedy began with the inauspicious selection of Michigan’s Derrick Alexander years ago. He was mediocre and never delivered on the promise of his potential. The Chiefs then tried their luck at Florida State. Chiefs management didn’t get the memo. FSU is hit and miss with wide receivers. Fred Biletnikoff, Laveranues Coles, Anquan Boldin and Javon Walker were hits. The misses: Peter Warrick (Bengals). For KC Draftniks it was Tamarick Vanover and Snoop Minnis and Craphonso Thorpe – DAMN!! It could just as easily have been Kez McCorvey or Lawrence Dawsey.  (The Chiefs did draft Joe Horn, but didn’t keep him.)  LSU’s Dwayne Bowe is a different type of receiver – in the mold of an Anquan Boldin. Bowe is bigger and more physical (especially as an enthusiastic run blocker) than the historic preferences of the Chiefs. Bowe should be a good fit. His presence will make it more difficult for teams to double Kennison over the top. He should also give the Chiefs an option for weak side runs with Larry Johnson without putting Tony Gonzalez in a must-block position. If Bowe can block effectively, hold down his corner, and spring Johnson once or twice a game, that amounts to another 30 or 40 yards per game and 2 to 3 minutes of possession. It’s the little things.

By the way, I am aware that LSU’s wide receiver tradition is less distinguished than Florida State’s, but the point above, was really about the style of play. The successful FSU receivers have been very physical players and not simply fast or quick route runners. Bowe’s physicality is evident in that video…it’s all crunkified and what not!

Number 24. Brandon Merriweather. Safety, Miami. Drafted by the Patriots. If the Patriots want him in this spot, he’s going to play along the lines of an Ed Reed or a Sean Taylor. I don’t doubt it for a minute…do you? Merriweather will team with Eugene Wilson (safety, and former Illinois cornerback) to form one of the best ball hawking secondaries in the entire league. The exotic defenses that the Patriots run will look alot sexier with those two hanging in the back – and taking turns blitzing the hell out of quarterbacks. This is another lights out tandem.

Number 25. Carolina Panthers take Miami LB Jon Beason. Miami sucked ass this year. That hurt by recollections of Beason. I only recall that team getting trounced by LSU at the end of the last bowl season and 2 other things: the fight with Florida Atlantic and the pre-game showboating exhibition at Louisville. The Cardinals promptly proceeded to smack that Sugar Cane ass around. So, I’ll take it as an article of faith that if John Fox wants you to play linebacker for him, you can.

Miami has really turned out some great linebackers over the years. If Beason is remotely as good as Jonathan Vilma of the Jets, the Panthers can stop worrying about the other Cane, Dan Morgan.

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