2007 NFL Draft – Running Commentary – Picks 16-20

Number 16: The Packers jump into the “Way Back Machine” hoping to resurrect Reggie White’s on field spirit by drafting Justin Harrell. Hmmph. We’ll see. I’ve got nothing here. Harrell missed a bunch of games. I don’t remember him as a player – but Tennessee turns out some SERIOUS defensive linemen. Exhibit A: John Henderson.

Number 17.  Ok…I’m way behind.  I spent some quality time on the phone…but I’m back (NOTE: Brady Watch is over…more on this later.)  The Denver Broncos are simply committed to being light in the ass, but really fast.  Florida DE Jarvis Moss is the pick here.  I suppose he’ll be used as a hybrid type player.  The Broncos already have arguably the fastest linebacking corps in the league (Ian Gold and DJ Williams).  Moss has a tremendous upside and is definitely going to work hard.  He’s a battler.  I don’t know if he gives the Broncos what they need most – a real anchor in their defense.  The loss of Al Wilson won’t be overcome with smoke and mirrors.  I’ll have to read up to see how they are going to deal with that.  Perhaps they can pick up some help later in the draft.  (Side Note:  Damn I’m glad the Steelers didn’t take Penn State’s Paul Posluzny.)

Number 18.  Damn, and double damn.  Leon Hall is going to the hated Cincinnati Bengals.  Nice pick.  Hall is the perfect player for Marvin Lewis’ system.  He’s smart, fast and fundamentally sound.  Mel Kiper says Hall ran a 4.39/40, but clearly did not play that fast in some big games.  Of course, Ohio State and USC both avoided him like the Bubonic Plague in their games.  As easily as USC dismantled Michigan in the Rose Bowl, it was achieved almost exclusively at the expense of Morgan Trent, not Hall.  In fact, Leon avoided the highlight film until the outcome was decided – and then was promptly torched by Jarrett and Steve Smith.  I like how Leon Hall will provide solid run support for the Bengals.  He can play zone and has demonstrated the capacity to catch the ball.  Solid pick.

Number 19 and 20.  Texas two-step.  Michael Griffin and Aaron Ross.  The Titans take Michael Griffin.  Excellent pick.  Griffin is a baller.  He is big, strong, versatile and has produced in big spots.  Griffin is the type of safety that teams are looking for.  He’s a middle-class version of LaRon Landry.  His backfield mate Aaron Ross is an excellent corner.  I enjoyed watching Ross this year – and last.  He was solid against the run and great in pass coverage.  Solid pick for the New York Giants.  The Giants have had some trouble in the secondary over the past few years.  The Giants have to believe that Corey Webster will come into his own next year.  Ross and Webster give the Giants two big, physical corners that allow them to matchup well against teams in their division.  Of course, they still don’t have someone to chase Santana Moss all over the field.  Now that Joe Gibbs is over his Christo-centric “My QB’s gotta luv Jesus” Phase, he has a real chance at winning with Jason Campbell – and Moss has a chance to recapture his glory of 2005.  The Giants still need help in the secondary.  1 down, 1 to go.

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