A Particularly Cheap White Whine

Luv that title. Some food for thought on education, equity and the allocation of finite resources.

clipped from www.civilrights.org
Consider a few things that have happened in the past month-and-a-half, in no particular order: First, comedian Michael Richards goes on a racist tirade at an L.A. comedy club, screaming the n-word at two black audience members, over and again for several minutes. Then, white students at four entirely different colleges dress up in blackface or throw “ghetto” parties, at which they mock low-income African Americans; next, a group of Muslim clerics are thrown off a plane because passengers get nervous after seeing them engaged in evening prayers prior to boarding their flight; and finally, New York police fire fifty shots at a group of unarmed black men, for no apparent reason, killing one who was due to be married the next day.
Yet upon close examination–indeed, even a cursory one for that matter–it becomes apparent that the arguments made against race-based scholarships, whether at BU or elsewhere, fail to demonstrate even the most rudimentary flirtation with intellectual honesty.

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This article is no quantitative dismissal of merit-based arguments in education, but it does provide an interesting framework for reconsidering the scope of what actually constitutes individual merit.

“Yo, Sun…you know I deserve this, right! This is not about my pops being El Presidente or about him running the FBI or CIA or any of that…S’all merit, straight up merit! Holla!!”

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