The Nappy Diatribe on Common and Other Matters

In the beginning, there was the word…and the word was nappy.  I’m happy the word was nappy cause you cannot get this everywhere you look.  Nappy D peeped Chicago’s finest on Oprah and ripped like this:

 “I knew that Common, a brother that I’m a fan of, would go out of his way to satisfy his tremendous female fan-base – making sure he littered his sentences with words like “sister” and “love” as many times as humanly possible, coming off so non-confrontational that you would have thought that he masturbated to pictures of Gandhi in his free time.”

Perspective is as perspective does.

Just for the visualz…ewww!



  1. I seen that episode. I thought Common was being a tad “hypocritical”….Anyone ever seen his video “Go”?

    Yeah the majority of his rap is not misognist…then again…was O’s panel truly representative of TRUE hip-hop or even rap?
    Where was the voice of all these clown groups like D4L, CrimeMob, Lil’ John, where was “hova” – I guess he had 99 other problems to solve that day!

  2. Hey Temple.

    Yeah, that “sister, l,ove, sister” thing got to be a bit much. I checked the show on YouTube, and the brothers pretty much disappointed me. Although I am glad that Russell came around finally, so that’s a good thing. One step at a time, I guess…

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