Digging Political Graves for Democrats

The velvethammer remembers.

And it is here that you Dismalcrap scoundrels would do well to remember P6’s maxim:

“Do not make the mistake of thinking that because my conclusion is the same as another person’s that my reasoning is the same.”

The War on Iraq has been a bipartisan effort.  And don’t you forget it.


  1. just take a moment and pray,pray for the families,the soldiers ,the Iraq children that are so innocent that are in the middle of this war let’s pray dear god why ask you to put your hand’s op on the people in Iraq for the soldiers that are fighting in an endless war protect them for the women and children that are suffering why beg you to stop this war stop it in the name of Jesus Christ are lord and savior AMEN

  2. poo man you are a heartless person, you should be ashamed of yourself. Nice picture though it really shows genuine emotion on the soldiers face, it really made me think

  3. poo man
    Only a weak yellow girly-boy, would ever dare criticize Temple3 and that beautifully profound image.

    Crawl back into your basement dwelling, you are not fit to socialize with the rest of us.


    I cast my vote for #2.

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