Oil-ternatives and Ripple Effects

There will not be any answers to our collective energy, resource questions. People will have to engage this question at every level in order to achieve viable solutions. Scientists, governments and corporations cannot be trusted to make this decision. We have the capacity to truly democratize information about our environment and our collective future.Ethanol and asthma – sounds like the tip of the iceberg.

The current and future generation of resource wars are not likely to have catastrophic implications for winners and losers. Large energy consumers like the United States, China and India are on a collision course for control of finite resources. Some of that political desperation may lead to more rash choices that undermine the sustainability of life for all of us. We have already crossed the point where authentic democracy means/requires much more than voting.

clipped from sfgate.com
If ethanol ever gains widespread use as a clean alternative fuel to
gasoline, people with respiratory illnesses may be in trouble.
A new study out of Stanford says pollution from ethanol could end up
creating a worse health hazard than gasoline, especially for people with asthma
and other respiratory diseases.
“Ethanol is being promoted as a clean and renewable fuel that will reduce
global warming and air pollution,” Mark Z. Jacobson, the study’s author and an
atmospheric scientist at Stanford, said in a statement. “But our results show
that a high blend of ethanol poses an equal or greater risk to public health
than gasoline, which already causes significant health damage.”
Jacobson used a computer to model how pollution from ethanol fuel would
affect different parts of the country in 2020, when ethanol-burning vehicles
are expected to be common on America’s roadways.

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