The African Mined


1. The science, technique, and business of mineral discovery and exploitation. Strictly, the word connotes underground work directed to severance and treatment of ore or associated rock. Practically, it includes opencast work, quarrying, alluvial dredging, and combined operations, including surface and underground attack and ore treatment.

Mining Hazard

1. Any of the dangers peculiar to the winning and working of coal and minerals. These include collapse of ground, explosion of released gas, inundation by water, spontaneous combustion, inhalation of dust and poisonous gases, etc.

Mining System

1. Work, as it is commenced on the ground, is such that, if continued, will lead to a discovery and development of the veins or ore bodies that are supposed to be in the claim, or, if these are known, that the work will facilitate the extraction of the ores and minerals.

The Argyle Diamond Mine.

Thinking of natural resources: gold, diamonds, rubber, ivory, oil…and the bloody path to market.

Part of me thinks, “Shit happens.”  Part of me believes, “We can do better.”


  1. T3- maybe you can help me understande: How is it that the countries of Africa are still being raped of bountiful and powerfully economic natural resources – yet the people stay in poverty, with sickness/disease that are eradicated elsewhere in the world by vaccines prescription meds, and many gov officical/police officials in corruption?

    I seen a special on diamond mining and the high tech security lengths the European/American companies take to ensure none of “their” diamonds are stolen…by workers who probably aren’t getting paid more than U.S. equivalent of $8.00/hr; if that. Then these comps like DeBeers and the rest…tell us to buy the same diamonds for hundreds/thousands of dollar….for our Rolex, in our engagement bands, anniversary bands…

  2. Is that a rhetorical question? The answer, from my perspective, is long and ugly. There are some other posts which I believe get at the heart of what you’re asking. Let me know how you want to walk this one.

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