“I Know You Are, But What Am I?”

Straight from the infantile “goo goo, ga ga” school of social analysis on matters of race, we have this.  These folks don’t really get it.  Not surprising since everything under the sun is about the Revs.

  1. It’s not about Reverend Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson unless the only form of argument you’re capable of consists of straw. And we all know that you cannot build a community with straw.
  2. If Sharpton and Jackson have to “fix” everything that ails the black community BEFORE a discussion ensues, you really were always full of shit.

That’s the game people want to play. It’s childish and silly. It’s bereft of historical and political analysis. It’s also quintessentially settler colonial and common to the modern one-dimensional ethical laments of the descendants of invaders in the US, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Israel.

If folks want to watch the Reverends for four days or 364 days, more power to ’em. That plays into the psycho-social needs of white folks and could become a sitcom or some new MSM hit. It’s superficial, lazy and intellectually dishonest.


  1. Are you for real?

    You confidently base your ‘assessment’ of my blog, politics and based on the publication of a cartoon, you really are an idiot.

    Which qualifies you as a perfect leftist.

  2. Proof of infancy…birth certificates on display.

    This is not about the cartoon. Must have struck a nerve.

    Uno, dos, tres, quatro.

    Aside from the fact that the cartoon supposes a hypocritical dialogue (which does not in fact exist) between hip-hop artists and Imus, that’s not an object of my scorn today. The point is not lost – even though it does not follow logically – and presupposes some inherent quality in “blacks” that would preclude engaging in anti-black media creation. Talk about essentialism cum racism. The face of rap could just as easily have been “white” – from the face of little “white” acne-afflicted youth coughing up daddy’s warbucks to buy Eminem’s latest…After all, he has tons of tracks about hoes. But, I digress – and that’s your cartoon and your subconscious – not mine.

    The object of my laughter, actually, is your repititious, superfluous and utterly nonsensical focus on two folks who are mere diversions in most things – you’ve played your role as a reactionary “white” to the hilt and bought the bait. Now that you have a giant sized hole in the side of your mouth, don’t jump to conclusions in defense of a cartoon.

    It’s not like this is the Ned Lamont campaign. Sharpton and Jackson serve as easy targets for folks to dodge a larger conversation – and if you keep “watching” them (as you seem hell bent on doing), I suspect you’ll travel far enough down the wrong path that you may wind up in El Dorado or Shangri-la.

    In any case, none of that would have anything to do with being a “perfect leftist” – which I couldn’t be if I tried because that orthodoxy hails from the same cultural milieu as your myopic ass. Unpacking cultural package is important and if you’ve never done it – don’t believe that all people with similar conclusions share similar ideologies. I do understand that labeling is essential to building your precious straw men, but if you persist your time in the chair will be all too brief.

    And if you don’t think your analysis is infantile (I’m convinced it is piss poor and amateurish), show and prove.

  3. When will you report on the Saturday NIght Live portrayal of the Sharpton/Jackson hypocrisy? Or did you miss that?

    What is your track record when it comes to critiquing the hip hop and rap lyrics- a critique now growing?

    My criticism of Imus was clear.

    Funny how you missed that. Pattern?

  4. If we’re going to avoid ad hominem arguments, I see that I’ll be the only one doing heavy lifting. No beef with your Imus critique either – that’s why I didn’t mention it. I have one issue – your descent down the rabbit hole of gifted boogey men of the cloth.

    I didn’t catch the SNL piece. I heard it was hilarious but didn’t see it at all. I won’t be writing about it because I’m not someone who writes about the Revs. I write about “white folks” fascination with the Revs – and you, my friend, are as enthralled as a giddy girl on her first obsessive-compulsive disorder date.

    By the way, why do you ask my record on hip-hop? Perhaps you could help me to see the connection. I’m not sure I should have one. Be as specific as possible – it will guide my response to you.

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