Separated At Birth: John Legend and Charlie Batch

John Legend is an internationally famous singer. Charlie Batch is a regionally famous back up quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Judge for yourself.

John Legend:


It’s a little artsy-fartsy pouty, but hey, that shit sells in his industry.

Charlie Batch:


I’ll be damned if Charlie isn’t John’s older brother. It would help if I had a picture of John doin’ something athletic or one of Charlie picking up one of those Pittsburgh Man of the Year awards. I don’t. Work with me here. They’re not like twins, but they were “separated at birth.”


  1. Ha! You aren’t crazy! They DO look alike.. a LOT! I am actually a friend of Charlie and everytime I see John Legend I say “Damn.. he looks like Charlie!”
    That’s how I actually FOUND this forum… I Googled “Charlie Batch” + “John Legend”
    Good call.

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