Televicarious Eurocentrism

What the hell is that?  It’s a ten-dollar term for being addicted to the BoobTube.

It’s when you know-care more about the lives of television characters than know-care about your own family, friends and community.


It’s the ultimate disconnect.

Imagine being single or divorced and spending all day feeding your brain information and images like this…every day for decades.  Imagine if life stopped for you – and proceeded at the snail’s pace of a soap opera – or at the psychotic dizzying speeds of a one-hour drama like 24.

You’d have to be depressed about everything from your weight to your income to the fidelity of your spouse to the education of your children.  It wouldn’t be a shock if you needed meds just to get through the day.  So, what do you use?

This formula for social fragmentation has been in the mix for decades.  The magazine cover is from 1976.

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