Rudy Giuliani for President: He’s Perfect

I remember sharing a church pew with the former mayor of New York as we had the misfortune of speaking at the funeral of a young public school student who died before his time.  I remember thinking to myself, among other things, that Rudy was taller than I anticipated.  I imagined that he and former public schools Chancellor Rudy Crew and Governor Pataki might have had some interesting conversations when standing (each man is at least a solid 6’4″ – unless Rudy was in heels).

To serve as the President of the United States, you have to have some stature – and a presence.  And, it does not hurt to have questionable ethics.  If you’ve used family contacts to avoid military service, marshaled false evidence to execute a war, assassinated your political rivals, violated your constitution and illegally displaced or fired its sworn protectors, you are fit for the job.  Perhaps most importantly, however, you have to have connections to guys willing to get their hands dirty – and if those guys are foreign, it’s even better.

Rudy is that guy.


Don’t let it be said, ever, that Rudy is unwilling to work OR that his ethics aren’t questionable.  Rudy was tough enough to hire a police chief with mob ties – and lie about it.  He was loyal enough to nominate that chief to head Homeland Security – even with his mob ties.  And there is no need to question how Rudy will deal with the “Muslim Question” or “radical Islam.”  In fact, his regime as New York City mayor began with a “sensational” attack by the NYPD on the Nation of Islam’s mosque on 125th Street in Harlem.  That the police were disarmed and bounced down a flight of stairs is secondary – they should have known better.  Rudy, nonetheless, introduced himself to New York (the non-black, non-Muslim, law and order element) as tough on the non-white faces of the city.  Some people mistook this invasion of the mosque as an “anti-crime” stance, but there was no crime at the mosque that evening until the NYPD arrived.  There has been no crime at that mosque since they left.  Giuliani never had an authentic “anti-crime” position.  Ask Bernie Kerik.

At this early juncture, he’s distanced himself from the other candidates and demonstrated that his election would provide a seamless transition with the outgoing administration.  Laissez les bons temps rouler!!

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