Bush in South America

The Associated Press is reporting on Bush’s travels through South America. Tom Raum filed these exerpts from Montevideo.

“MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay(AP) President Bush claimed progress on trade with Uruguay’s president on Saturday, courting another leftist leader on his Latin American tour. “We care about the human condition,” Bush said, trying to co-opt the populism of one influential leftist rival he won’t meet: Venezuela’s firebrand, Hugo Chavez.”

Honestly, given the negative connotation of the word and the activism of conservatives around suspending habeas corpus, legalizing torture, validating warrantless wiretaps and waging resource wars under false pretenses, who is more of a firebrand than George Bush. Are these not aggressive militant, radical steps backed by the unparalleled force of the American judicial system, the NSA and the armed forces? If you cannot get past the first paragraph before an American writer begins to twist and suggest without substance or fact, there is little hope for the rest of the article. Nonetheless Raum continues:

“The Bush administration is trying to strike a freer-trade deal with Uruguay. But the efforts are complicated by the country’s membership in a rival South American trading bloc. Uruguay, a tiny coastal nation overshadowed by neighboring Brazil and Argentina, wants to sell more beef and textiles to the United States, its biggest trading partner.”

What the phuck is that?? “Freer trade?” Free trade is an ideological construct in the discipline of economics. Mr. Raum seems to be unaware that there is a debate about the merits of this ideological construct. It seems as though the majority of the facts have been hopelessly decontextualized.

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