Ghana Celebrates the Big 5-0!!

The African nation of Ghana celebrates its 50th anniversary – and will do so until next year. It’s a beautiful thing. From time to time, I’ll be revisiting this birthday and that of other new nations around the world. I hope to answer a few simple questions…what are these countries doing with respect to the critical areas of security (defense), economics, development, education, health, and cultural continuity. I suspect that many of these nations are much farther along than one might expect. Moreover, African nations will need to be assessed in light of structural disinvestment over the past five-six decades. After all, it is clear that Asian nations have benefited largely from investments driven initially by a desire to counter the attractiveness of a Chinese alternative.

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On 5 March 1957, the Duchess of Kent formally transferred power to independence leader Kwami Nkrumah.
The Duke of Kent is in Ghana to remember the occasion, which triggered a chain reaction as other African nations moved towards independence.
African leaders, including South Africa’s Thabo Mbeki, Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe and Olusegun Obasanjo from Nigeria, are attending the ceremonies.
Singer Stevie Wonder is expected to perform a version of his track Happy Birthday dedicated to Ghana.

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