Cold-Blooded Murder on Film: Afghanistan

War is hell.  We know war is hell because of the accounts of soldiers and civilians – and more recently the accounts of omnipresent cameras.  The latest report from the BBC is purporting a horrific confluence of these factors – and it is leading to heated speculation, anger and damage control.

The BBC reports “US troops erased images of a vehicle in which three people had been shot dead.”

This is not likely to be the last that we hear of this story.

 “They warned me that if it is aired … then, ‘You will face problems,'” Mr Kamran was quoted by the news agency as saying.

Reporters Without Borders condemned the alleged actions of the US forces, saying they dealt with the media poorly.

“Why did the soldiers do it if they don’t have anything to hide?” said Jean-Francois Julliard, a spokesman for the Paris-based group.

US military spokesman Lt Col David Accetta said he did not have any confirmed reports that coalition forces “have been involved in confiscating cameras or deleting images”.

It is certainly too early to rush to judgment on the reported events.

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