Athletes as CEO’s?

Inc. magazine, the magazine for entrepreneurs has an interesting article about the “fitness,” if you will, of athletes for the business world.  The first few folks who come to mind for me are Magic Johnson and Dave Bing.  Johnson and Bing were both able to translate their success and connections on the court into significant financial enterprises off the court.

Here is an excerpt:

 “Most skills learned or honed through sports fall into two categories: self-management and teamwork. The former can be gleaned from almost any activity in which the athlete sets goals and seeks to improve in a disciplined manner. That includes not just team sports but also pursuits such as running, hiking, even fishing.”

Competitive athletics can provide tremendous opportunities to hone skills needed in the business world.  It’s a wonder more student athletes don’t take advantage.  There is no substitute for knowledge because a fool and his money are soon parted.


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