Smack Talk on Wall Street

The latest news of scandal on Wall Street is emerging quietly. Insider trading has always been fundamental to the business of the street. While business school professors continue to teach the rhetoric of free markets and choice and freedom, big money players continue to rig the game. Many Wall Street players consider themselves to be the smartest kid in the class, but that is not always the case. Sometimes the cops have a little swagger and will talk a little smack – just to “keep it real.” Linda Chatman Thomsen SEC enforcement director issued a statement that said, “No matter how clever you are, no matter how hard you try to avoid detection, you underestimate us at your peril.”

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Regulators ratcheted up their ongoing investigation into insider trading on Wall Street Thursday, but a splashy case might not be enough to make a permanent difference.The Securities and Exchange Commission and the U.S. attorney in Manhattan announced charges against 14 individuals, including current and former employees of UBS
(nyse:UBS newspeople), Morgan Stanley(nyse:MSnewspeople) and Bear Stearns(nyse:BSC newspeople), and three hedge funds, in an elaborate trading and bribery ring that is being billed as one of the biggest insider trading cases since the Ivan Boesky scandal of the late-1980s.The SEC has already been probing whether some employees at investment banks are tipping favored hedge fund clients with nonpublic details of upcoming transactions to keep or win more business.

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  1. i really dont know what to make of insider trading. i mean, if i had information that would help me make money i might use it. wouldnt you? regardless, good to see you back on line…took february off huh.

  2. my wife is on bed rest…23 weeks in – so i don’t have much time any more – and it’s difficult to be coherent (let alone creative) with such a full plate…i feel blessed but haven’t been able to get a new rhythm online. maybe the upcoming draft will help.

    what do you think of this “clipmarks” thing? have you tried it out? i think it’s up there with sliced bread and barbara carrera!

  3. congrats on the upcoming baby – major event! im betting the draft will get you going again. lots of free agency movement too. the nfl is becoming alot more like the nba that way, players moving all the time.

    i havent tried the clipmarks thing out – ill look into it. thanks for sharing!

  4. Thanks. I can’t say I’m happy about Porter leaving, but I understand the financials and their depth situation. If they didn’t keep Hardy Nickerson or Mike Merriweather or Chad Brown or Levon Kirkland or Carlos Emmons or Mike Vrabel or Greg Lloyd or or Earl Holmes or Jason Gildon, they’re NOT keeping Porter. Damn, that’s a list of LB’s. No one in the league has a comparable list.

    By the way, I usually use Firefox, but clipmarks also work in Explorer.

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