Africa: Giving Up Nukes for Nothing

South Africa has dismantled its nuclear defense programme. Libya has dismantled its nuclear programme. There are no nations on the African continent with a capacity for nuclear weapon development or delivery aside from these nations. The continent remains surrounded, however, by hostile forces armed with nuclear weapons.Perhaps the prospect of US military engagements (to secure emerging oil markets) is most daunting. While African nations continue to wrestle with conventional military solutions and security failures in Rwanda, the Congo, and the Sudan, other nations continue to progress toward deterrent defense policies.

At some point, African nations will have to reconcile themselves to the notion of defending themselves on their own terms. If nuclear capacity is acceptable to the leadership of the United States, western Europe, China, Pakistan, India and Israel, there has to be some reckoning about those same tools on the continent. The tactical use of those weapons is less important than establishing a viable stockpile. If African natural resources can provide the basis for American nukes, processed resources should be able to do the same for those who continue to languish for want of a stronger negotiating position.

The Libyan example will be instructive for the Iraqis and the North Koreans. Will it be instructive for the Africans?

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Speaking to the BBC, Colonel Gaddafi said the failure by the West to reward Libya meant Iran and North Korea were reluctant to follow Tripoli’s lead.
Sanctions were lifted after Libya ended its nuclear weapons programme, and the US and UK have resumed diplomatic ties.
Libya was also removed from the US list of state sponsors of terror, a major step towards international rehabilitation.
“This should be a model to be followed, but Libya is disappointed because the promises given by America and Britain were not fulfilled,” he said.
“And therefore those countries said ‘we are not going to follow Libya’s example because Libya abolished its programme without any compensation’.”
“They said if you abolish your war programme we will help you to develop your nuclear abilities into peaceful ones. This has not happened.”

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  1. Like the defeated White Colonists said; ” we have to save africa from the african “, this a century after another succumbing Black Shaka mesmerized by the descending powers proclaimed; ” the swallows have won”. And win they have…

    Your article is interesting in that libya (no capital) gave up its nuclear weapons programme to be rewarded, this is the thinking of the second class stigma africans try and run from but will gladly be second class for cash. And the rhetoric stupidity of the african is hilarious.


    If 1usd is equivalant to 1unit, and 1zar is equivalent to 0.2units… then the african receives 80% less for raw materials than he pays for processed material. Africans are always willing to give up their resources cheap for technical how-to that is 10yrs old.

    So in conclusion if you pay so much for what one man thought of while watching an apple drop from a tree while contemplating his laziness, and you lack the same ability to turn your laziness and sparetime into philosophical marvel resorting only to sell non-renewable precious stones and metals not to advance your position in the world but to feel accepted and break away from the stigma of the dumb african in the bush only to introduce a new stigma of the dumb african in the latest mercedes driving around sipping crystal while all else around him rots and disintegrates.

    Then aren’t you the dumb african?

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