Notre Dame Delusions

Brady Quinn is under the illusion that ND’s losses to Michigan and USC really weren’t all that bad – that the scores were misleading, and that ND will be competitive against LSU in the Sugar Bowl.  I can’t blame him for that last one.  He’s a tough kid with serious skills, but I believe he’s had too much holiday Kool-Aid.

And we know that stuff will kill ya.

Just as ND’s fans have been deluded into believing they deserve this bowl bid – and that this bid is wholly unrelated to the Lou Holtz era teams with different academic standards – young Brady believes ND is right there – and on the verge of really competing with the big boys.  He might be right, but we won’t be able to tell by looking in the rearview mirror.  We’ll only know by looking ahead.

Notre Dame should play like a desperate team in the Sugar Bowl.  Anything less will disappoint.


  1. Who me? I don’t hate ND, I just don’t respect ’em when it comes to issues like this. Of course, Quinn is not the school, he’s just a figurehead in passing. Weis was right on in recognizing these blowouts for what they were. If you want to extend the logic that Quinn used, ND really blew out Georgia Tech, Michigan State and UCLA. But, that would just be silly, wouldn’t it??

    How are the Packers doing? Is Favre coming back?

  2. guess im not aware of what quinn said – can you point me to it?! packers won on a last minute field goal in a very sloppy game. favre drove them up and down the field in the first half, but only got 6 points out of it. lucky to win in the end. do you ever check my blog – i had a gamecase (sort of) going.

  3. Actually, I can see his point. When I was chronicling the USC game – play by play – I thought there were several points in the game where ND has USC on the ropes- but the issue was SC getting away from the run. Once SC started running again, that was it. Those dropped passes really did them in…Rema McKnight has to be kicking himself. If he does that against LSU, the score will be worse. Miles is a Michigan guy and he doesn’t want to get embarrassed by losing this game.

  4. Context is key. Quinn justifying ND admissions to a BCS game after the Irish giving up 40+ points to the ONLY two top ten teams they faced by rationalizing that they, “…weren’t really that out of hand,” is ludicrous. His comment caps off the affront to all of those programs that would have suffered similar losses, but be kept out of a BCS game because they don’t have a TV contract and concomitant delusional viewership (think Louisville, Rutgers or WVa).

    It’s definitely not about hating ND. Fortunately, they get the hell beat out of them enough to were that’s not necessary. ND’s standing in college football is completely fraudulent and, inasmuch as I like seeing them get trounced, I am obliged to not watch the LSU bloodletting or mercy killing in deference to other more deserving programs that have shown more merit as well as for general entertainment value.

  5. An amusing clip to watch is’s BCS Preview: Sugar Bowl. Brian Webber and some guy named Peter Papadakis take a look at the match-up of ND v. LSU. Papadakis actually likes ND to win it (despite characterizing ND’s defense as being weak, go figure), which, while plausible, is unlikely. Webber with thinly veiled glee states matter of factly that ND has lost 8 bowl games in a row and that they got absolutely trounced by a Dennis Erickson-led Oregon State in 2001. Hilarious. In fact, they said that ND’s last Bowl win came more than an entire decade ago in the ’94 Cotton Bowl (against Texas A&M, I believe). Also, comical was their characterization of the “Rudy” story as being a fraud, offering up Bob Golic as proof.

    So, just to re-state, ND is not hated but just the longest running joke in College football (overall Bowl record, according to Wikipedia, 13-14). Remember, some things just go together, like the words “Notre Dame Football” and OVERRATED.

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