Guantanamo’s Good Fellas

It turns out that all of those men from around the world snatched up by the US and sent to Guantanamo weren’t so dangerous after all. It seems that the need to waive all legal protections for these men was not as urgent as stated. No, it seems the need was about as imminent as the threat of weapons of mass destruction from Saddam Hussein. AP has released results of an investigation indicating that the overwhelming majority of those released from Guantanamo have been freed, and that the US will not be tracking their activities. Say what?

“They were part of Taliban, al-Qaida, or associated forces that are engaged in hostilities against the United States or its coalition partners,” said Navy Cmdr. Jeffrey Gordon, a Pentagon spokesman.

But Joshua Colangelo-Bryan, a lawyer representing several detainees, says the fact that hundreds of men have been released into freedom belies their characterization by Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld as “among the most dangerous, best-trained, vicious killers on the face of the earth.”

“After all, it would simply be incredible to suggest that the United States has voluntarily released such ‘vicious killers’ or that such men had been miraculously reformed at Guantanamo,” Colangelo-Bryan said.

Mohammed Aman, a 49-year-old Afghan who describes himself as a former low-level member of the Taliban, said he initially wasn’t worried when U.S. troops detained him.

“I was relaxed because I was innocent,” he said. “I was sure I would be freed. I was always thinking that today or tomorrow I will be free.”

He spent three years at Guantanamo until he was finally put on a plane at the base, blindfolded and with headphones covering his ears. When he made it back to his home in Malaik Khail, Afghanistan, villagers streamed out to greet him, many weeping.

Detainees are held at Guantanamo Bay because a military panel classifies them as an “enemy combatant,” which refers not only to armed fighters but to anyone who aids enemy forces. Every year, each gets a hearing to determine whether he remains a security threat to the United States or has intelligence value.

How is this possible? 200+ men arrested under the most absurd conditions and in strict violation of all that Americans (whores that they are) profess to hold dear. These Guantanomites were treated much like young Black men in cars…DWB (driving while Black – translation – for the American whores who profess one thing and live another) morphed into BWM (breathing while Muslim). The “detainees” (if that’s what you call someone locked in a cell for 4 years without a trial or compelling evidence to justify arrest much less incarceration) were branded as dangerous plotters of gloom and doom on all that is free and holy in the West. These same men, after a mere four years (some less) are being released without so much as a parole officer. Was this some sort of miraculous rehab in Cuba? Could the same principles be applied to those in Lewisburg and Marion and Lompoc (translation – max. sec. prisons for those American whores who profess one thing and live another)?

A proper inquiry into this would require our full knowledge of ALL of the US participants in this criminal charade. Moreover, we’d need to know the basis for their many flawed determinations. Finally, each of these participants (if found to have acted inappropriately) should be banned from public/legal/judicial service for life. Similar sanctions are handed down on Wall Street for transgressions of this nature. In addition to a lifetime ban, fines and prison terms should also be handed out pending the outcome of this investigation. In addition, private firms linked to these state sponsored activities should bear some liability for whatever benefits may have accrued under the auspices of these seizures.

I don’t suspect that miracles happened in Cuba. I suspect that some folks lied in order to strip back a few legal impediments. I suspect that the “free press” co-signed this effort just as they went along for the ride with the trumped up war evidence. I suspect that these folks should also be forced to meet their maker post haste because of the criminal venality of their actions. This list, of course, begins with those who instigated these actions in the first place. The primary mover or “decider”, if you will, should walk first to the gallows (of his own volition) to serve as the archetype for nobility gone bad. Falling on your sword or emptying that bullet in the chamber…it’s the only thing to do. Make that sacrifice. It’s the right thing to do.

After W is done, perhaps the Boy Scouts winner of the Silver Beaver Award would like to take a spin at Russian Roulette.  After all, he gets to decide who stays and who is released from that island paradise.

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