NFL Predictions – Week 13

We’re getting down to the stretch run.  The separation of contenders from pretenders continues.  Last week, I decided to pick the “best team” instead of rolling with tons of upsets.  There was an exception to that…I picked the Titans to beat the Giants.  Sometimes, you just have a feeling.  I had that feeling last week about UCLA and they were able to pull it off, but I didn’t see the Bengals win over the Ravens coming.  I didn’t pick that game, but I would’ve probably gone with the Ravens in a higher scoring game.  If the Bengals can play that type of defense, they’ll get into the playoffs because they have the offensive talent to run the table.  Tick, tock.  Let’s get to it.

NFL Lines For Week 13 – NFL Football Line Week Thirteen
NFL Game Lines 12/3 – 12/4, 2006

Date & Time Favorite Line Underdog Total
12/3 1:00 ET At Chicago -9 Minnesota 34.5
12/3 4:15 ET At Pittsburgh -7 Tampa Bay 40
12/3 1:00 ET At St. Louis -6.5 Arizona 46.5
12/3 1:00 ET Indianapolis -7.5 At Tennessee 46.5
12/3 4:05 ET At Miami PK Jacksonville 35.5
12/3 1:00 ET At New Orleans -7 San Francisco 44.5
12/3 1:00 ET Atlanta -1 At Washington 38.5
12/3 1:00 ET Kansas City -4.5 At Cleveland 36
12/3 1:00 ET At New England -13 Detroit 41.5
12/3 1:00 ET San Diego -5.5 At Buffalo 40.5
12/3 1:00 ET At Green Bay PK NY Jets 39
12/3 4:15 ET Dallas -3.5 At NY Giants 43.5
12/3 4:05 ET At Oakland -3 Houston 35.5
12/3 8:15 ET At Denver -4 Seattle 40

Monday Night Football Line

12/4 8:30 ET Carolina -3 At Philadelphia 37.5

I like the Bears to beat the Vikings like a drum.  If Grossman plays under control (hard for Florida quarterbacks to do), it should be a rout.  Chicago 37, Minnesota 13.

I like the Steelers over the Buccaneers.  The Steelers have always done well against the Bucs and beat them soundly during the Bucs Super Bowl year.  I don’t see any changes here.  Pittsburgh 40, Tampa Bay 17.

I like the Rams to struggle against the Cardinals, but win.  The Cardinals won’t be able to capitalize on the absence of Orlando Pace.  Rams at home (still hate that team).  St. Louis 31, Arizona 30.

The Titans nearly beat the Colts in Indy.  They beat the Giants last week.  The Titans are able to match up with powerful offensive teams because they have playmakers at every level of the defense.  The D-line is solid.  The linebackers are led by Keith Bullock.  The secondary has the supremely talented (but otherwise challenged) Adam “Pac Man” Jones.  The Colts will need Joseph Addai this week.  I’m going with the hungry young guns playing at home.  Tennessee 27, Indianapolis 20.

I’ll take the Dolphins to beat Jacksonville.  Miami’s defense has found its inner child and is having fun again.  Jacksonville is up and down.  Luckily for me, Maurice Jones-Drew is up and up.  Vegas is conflicted about this game – but it’s in Miami.  Miami 19, Jacksonville 13.

Saints vs. 49ers.  Drew Brees, Drew Brees, and Drew Brees.  Saints win.  Frank Gore keeps it interesting.  New Orleans 35, San Francisco 21.

I could say some very unkind words about the Atlanta – Washington matchup, but I won’t go there.  But, I really could say some nasty things about both of these teams.  With that prelude, I’ll go with Jason Campbell and company to continue pounding the low-flying dirty birds.  LaDell Betts should do well.  Santana Moss may finally quit whining about his hamstring.  It’s taking all I have to contain the venom.  I’ll hurry up and move it along.  Washington 24, Atlanta 23.

The Chiefs are in a tough game at Cleveland.  They have to win this game.  I hope that Herman spoke with the Jets who’ve already dropped a game here.  Perhaps he had a conversation with his old coaching buddy Bill C0wher who nearly lost a few weeks back.  The Browns are not push overs.  If Charlie Frye and Braylon Edwards ever get it going with a reliable running back, it’s going to be nasty.  Still – too much Larry Johnson for the Browns to handle.  I like the Chiefs defense to score a touchdown or two.  Perhaps special teams will get something going.  Kansas City 38, Cleveland 21.

I like New England to pound that pathetic franchise that masquerades as a professional football team.  New England 55, Detroit 0.

San Diego is a 5.5 point favorite at Buffalo.  The Bills are tough because J.P. Losman is playing better.  The other pieces have been in place for some time now, but Losman has been the missing ingredient.  This is a classic trap game for the Chargers.  Cross-country trip.  Opponent with a hot streak, but an inferior record.  Big divisional games on the horizon.  It’s all there for the Chargers.  Here’s the thing.  They get Merriman back on defense and they have Rivers and the league’s MVP.  I think this game goes down to the wire.  Nate Kaeding (Iowa) is used to kicking in bad weather.  He’d better have his A-game ready.  San Diego 23, Buffalo 19.

The Jets are at Green Bay.  Tough game to pick because the Jets are, well, the Jets.  This team won at New England and lost at Cleveland.  They should really be up for the challenge of going to Green Bay, playing against Brett Favre and rocking and rolling in Lambeau Field.  The Packers could care less about playing the Jets.  The Jets are motivated and looking to make the playoffs.  Big game for the Jets because of the Packers legacy.  Big game for the Jets because they should win.   New York Jets 34, Green Bay 28.

The Cowboys are en fuego and favored to beat the Giants in the Meadowlands.  I think the Giants SNAP OUT OF IT today.  It’s the game of the day, but I won’t over analyze it.  New York Giants 31, Dallas 27.

Raiders host Texans.  It’s the WGAF Bowl.  Oakland 13, Houston 10.

Jay Cutler gets his first start against the Seattle Seahawks.  Shawn Alexander is coming off a 200 yard game.  That’s not going to happen again.  The Broncos should be explosive tonite.  I’ll roll with the rookie and some big throws over the top to move the ball – and some short passes to the backs and tight ends in the red zone.  Denver 28, Seattle 24.

Carolina beats the Eagles because there is nothing else for them to do.  No McNabb.  No chance.  Carolina 25, Philadelphia 17.

And that’s the week that will be.


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