Good Google(y) – PDF’s!!

I just found out that you can save documents as PDFs using Google – and make revisions through a group process – all online! I don’t know how long this tool has been available, but it’s great. When I started working at my current gig, one of my first laments was our inability to do just this. We work with documents that are thousands of pages long and require some significant review by several team members. At present, there are no software tools in house to expedite or facilitate that work.

Of course, I also happen to work with some serious techno-phobes who are not likely to try this technological solution, but it is available. This should be great news for non-hackers operating small businesses and/or university students and entrepreneurs looking to improve productivity and collaboration. Google’s new toy appears to be a great way to get around the hassle of carrying disks (or memory sticks) or writing to CD’s or reviewing documents on an internal server. I’d be less inclined to trust super-sensitive information with this process, but given the reams of information collected by Google and others, it’s “relatively” safe.

Users also have the option of  publishing files to the internet using unique URLs provided by Google – and posting items to blogs. Great stuff.  I don’t believe this last option works with WordPress, but you can’t have everything – right away.

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