What the Fuck Is That? BCS

USC vaults ahead of Michigan in part because of voter sentiment like this:

“I was pretty sure I was going to keep Michigan No. 2 until I watched USC play,'” said John Hoover of the Tulsa (Okla.) World.

“Part of the reason [the Trojans] struggled in the middle of the season and lost was because Dwayne Jarrett wasn’t healthy,” he said.

Ok, you dumb bastard. Did you miss the middle of the season when Michigan’s Mario Manningham was not healthy? Why in the hell does some rube from Tulsa get to decide who plays for the national championship. There is no perfect system.

All we know is that Notre Dame sucks since they were smoked by Michigan and USC. We know that USC played a tougher schedule than Michigan. We know USC and Michigan both lost on the road, and that SC lost to O-State (Oregon, not Ohio). It’s not clear to me that USC is deserving of a number 2 rank. Florida seems as good a candidate as any. I hear the so-called “computer polls” (running human-weighted formulas) like the PAC-10 conference. I’m sure that those computers and their programmers didn’t see Tennessee kick the DOG SHIT out of Cal. They probably missed Florida’s games this season as well. Florida has not been as impressive on the field of play as Michigan or USC, but if we’re making a field of play argument, Michigan has looked better than USC all year.

If we’re making some other argument, put Florida in the conversation and keep Michigan right there. Notre Dame should not be a Litmus Test for the national championship. They have a nice quarterback who is surrounded by a bunch of not ready for prime time players. Fumbles, dropped passes, etc. Under no circumstances should a couple of BLOW OUT losses by a mediocre team influence voters to determine who plays in the big dance.

I’ve said that since Michigan already had their shot at OSU (Ohio, not Oregon), I was fine with another squad getting a shot. I’d actually like to see Michigan play against LSU. However, when voters start talking about Dwayne Jarrett’s mid-season injury, I’m just done. That’s some old bullshit. Decision-making like that oughtta get you flogged in the public square. One of these days, American sportswriters will snap out of the ND Haze and recognize a shitty team for what it is. Perhaps Michigan’s win over Wisconsin should carry some weight here? Put that in your microchip and smoke it.


  1. Wisconsin sucks ass, they beat 0 good teams and played a cake walk of a schedule. UM beat ND, who sucks, and that’s it.The Big Ten was dogshit this year and no way the 2nd place team in a dogshit conference deserves to be #2 in the BCS.

    I bet you wish you were there when that idoit UM player go caught by the police wacking off on the porch of some student house….

  2. I wish you were there…sounds like you can catch.

    That’s pretty funny. Nasty as heck, but funny.

    Anyway, I’m not here to defend the Big 10 – far from it. Check the date and what I said about Florida. You are way off base – also Wisconsin – we don’t know how good they are…they beat Auburn last year and were supposed to get smoked…that’s why they play the games. I prefer to watch SEC football any day of the week.

    Love your venom, though…stupid ass rambling with no context, but love your venom…keep it up – and read the post next time.

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