Troy Smith

I said it last year.  I said it after the Texas game this year.  I’ll say it again.  He’s the real deal.  It’s not quite half time, but Tressel and the OSU coaches decided to come out and spread the field.  It’s the approach that the Patriots and Tom Brady used against the Vikings not too long ago.  The field is spread and Smith has completed passes to about 7 or 8 receivers.  So far, so good.

Kirk Herbstreit has compared Smith to Drew Brees.  I think that’s a great comparison.  Excellent decision-maker, accurate passer.  Of course Troy Smith runs much better than Brees, but he doesn’t have to.  Last year, I thought the analysts were all smoking crack when they ranked Brady Quinn ahead of Smith.  I still do – and now I know where they bought their crack.

Touchdown: OSU 28, UM 14.


  1. its really a difficult comparison to make, but the analysts are probably taking quinn in the years to come as opposed to right now. smith is a great qb and most likely the best college qb this year – quinn will be the better pro. if smith even plays pro ball.

  2. what makes you think smith can’t play pro ball? imagine a guy with that composure and accuracy playing with two 6’4″+ wide receivers like quinn does each week. he’s short, but i think that’s why the comparison with brees is so appropriate. same number, same conference, same height – different games, but good example. and clearly, brees is a true baller.

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