High Hopes for the Democrats

Oh, no.  I don’t have them.  I just thought that some of you might.  If you do have high hopes, please feel free to share.  I’m curious about the impact you suspect they’ll make in the coming years.


  1. You’re right on about Net Neutrality. I hadn’t really focused in on this issue before – though it’s significance cannot be understated. It’s the entire future of interpersonal communications across the globe. Linking prices to content would effectively create a noose around certain modes of communication. Of course, it would incentivize the phuk out of once and future hackers.

  2. btw, read that lengthy piece about morality on cobb – had to be one of your better slams ever…and of course, didn’t get it. I suppose much of that was attributable to the fact that they didn’t actually read and couldn’t comprehend.

  3. I’m afraid I don’t have any high hopes… yet. I think the policies will be kinder and gentler seeming (from our end) but that they’ll be pretty much the same policies. I believe that the limiting of the executive power stuff will depend on how likely it is that a Democrat will take the White House in the next election. I mean, I think both Democrats and Republicans want that power, but don’t especially want the other party to have it, so…

    We just need to start all over again from scratch, in my opinion.

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