Death to Tyrants – Hanging Husseins and Dippled Chads

Former Iraq President and secular leader SaddamHussein has been sentenced to death.  The ruling concludes a bizarre trial in which several of Hussein’s lawyers were brutally murdured during the trial.  Hussein was found guilty of heinous crimes which pale in comparison to those committed by his former partners in crime.  I imagine that George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld are somewhere laughing their asses off.  I don’t know that something more amusing has happened for these men in decades.  What can rival the comic relief provided by sentencing to death a head of state who presided over a nation in which you’ve caused the death of more than 500,000 people.  It’s simply hilarious.  In the circle of murder and exploitation in which this administration travels, these are high times.  With the election on the horizon, no one was better suited for the gallows than Saddam Hussein.  Perhaps Osama bin-Laden is actually on ice somewhere until 2008.  Perhaps he’s dead.  In any event, this series of events will soon be drawing to a close.

For those Americans who thought the Republicans and Democrats were actually birds of a different feather, both party leaders have expressed unmitigated glee at this result.  It is certainly worse to kill 100 people than it is to kill 500,000.  After all, Americans are likely to assume that most of that half-million were terrorists or future terrorists or future combatants for US rights to Iraqi oil or some other non-white/non-Western group which the US reserves the right to demonize and kill at will.

At this rate, it wouldn’t be surprising if the neo-cons, et al., created a “reality” show which dramatized mass murder.  The CBS Evening Movie has been the vehicle for over 30 years, but the ratings are simply not what they used to be.  It’s time to raise the bar and hire a bunch of expendable “actors” who can be knocked off with impunity.  Casting calls in Tehran could start as early as next Wednesday.

Here’s what the Washington Post had to say about Saddam’s death sentence.

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