Fear the Queer and Pity the Fool

It’s almost November.  Time for the Republicans to trot out the spectre of gay marriage.  Party of fear, your table is ready!  Time for the Democrats to trot out the injured soldiers returning with the lives in shambles after another fiasco.  Party of despair, your table is ready!

Over at P6, it occurred to me that neither party really cares about these two issues precisely because the stakes are too high:

“…in the broader context of previous discussions about the overthrow of Iran under Mohammed Mossadegh, the proposed Iraqi Oil Bourse under Saddam Hussein, the emergence of Hugo Chavez in Venezuela and other challenges suggested by the twin ambitions of Ahmadinejad (nuclear power, petro-dollar independence), the lives of a few thousand SOLDIERS is a miniscule price to pay for cheap gas and the power to continually dictate terms to 3rd world nations.  after all, i believe the beltway logic (and the crawford creed) is that if they were the best and brightest, they wouldn’t be over there anyway.  truly a small loss indeed.  beware of queers and pulpits!!!!!!!”

Fear the queer en route to the justice of peace and pity the fool torn to pieces seeking justice.  Cannon fodder and road kill, every one.

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