A Rough Month

This is my 11th post of the month.  I’m down to about 20% of my production.  I hope to pick it up again in the next few weeks.  Writing is something that requires discipline and a singular focus.  I’ve been thinking about all the constituent elements of discipline and focus and commitment and the pursuit of mastery.  In many respects, my quest is shaped not simply by the death of my friend, but by his life.  He was a masterful artist who grew tremendously over time.  His growth followed the arc of his commitment to principles that transcend art – charity, generosity, love, study and practice.  He cultivated the capacity to work hard, to revise, refine and explore the dimensions of his craft.  For me, it is a model of the means to an end.  It is also a model that demonstrates the ends do not justify the means because the process (or as Nulan says, the WORK) is critical.  In reality, the means are the end – because the extent to which one can “inhabit” the means, he/she is able to become one with the end.

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