NFL Predictions – Week 7

It’s that time of the week. Prediction time, where you guess is as good as mine. It’s liberating to have no idea what’s going to happen on Sunday, but still through out guesses in an authoritative manner. It’s the nature of the beast. Week 7…let’s see what happens.

NFL Lines For Week 7 – NFL Football Line Week Seven
NFL Game Dates 10/22 & 10/23, 2006

Date & Time Favorite Line Underdog Total
10/22 1:00 ET San Diego -5 At Kansas City 41
10/22 1:00 ET Jacksonville -9.5 At Houston 40.5
10/22 1:00 ET New England -5.5 At Buffalo 37.5
10/22 1:00 ET Pittsburgh -2.5 At Atlanta 37.5
10/22 1:00 ET At Miami -5 Green Bay 40
10/22 1:00 ET Philadelphia -5.5 At Tampa Bay 43
10/22 1:00 ET At NY Jets -3.5 Detroit 42
10/22 1:00 ET At Cincinnati -3 Carolina 44
10/22 4:05 ET Denver -4.5 At Cleveland 31.5
10/22 4:15 ET At Indianapolis -9 Washington 48.5
10/22 4:15 ET At Seattle -6.5 Minnesota 41
10/22 4:15 ET Arizona -3 At Oakland 39.

Monday Night Football Line

10/23 8:30 ET At Dallas -3 NY Giants 45

In the interest of cutting to the chase…here we go!!!

San Diego is going to Arrowhead as a five point favorite. If I have to pick an upset, it’s this game right here. The Chiefs are a totally different team at home. They should be good and embarrassed after getting pimp-smacked by the Steelers. The line of 41 suggests that Vegas thinks these teams will be able to put some points on the board. I think that Alex Smith found some things against the Chargers. The Chiefs have better personnel to attack San Diego and the benefit of familiarity. Shocker of the Day – and the game that brings the Chargers back to the pack. Kansas City 23, San Diego 16.

I like the Jags to run roughshod over the Texans. The combination of Fred Taylor and LB-draggin’, pile pushin’ pip squeak Maurice Jones-Drew is too much for the Texans. It is a division game – and that has to be worth something. Still, the Texans were absolutely blasted in the 2nd half last week due to their inability to move the ball. The Jags are at least as good as Dallas on defense. Many would argue they’re considerably better. Jacksonville 37, Houston 10.

The Patriots and the Bills have played some interesting games over the past few years. The Patriots tend to win most of those games…still, as long-standing rivals, the Bills are always up for the Patriots. I expect the Bills to bounce back and compete after a tough road loss in Detroit – but I don’t expect them to win. It is unbelievable that the Bills can’t get the ball to their play makers: Lee Evans, Roscoe Parrish and Robert Royal. McGahee gets his carries, but that’s not enough. The Bills are leaving points on the field and they may need in a new direction at QB. New England 33, Buffalo 14.

I think the Steeler-Falcon game may be the fastest game played this season. Both teams will be dedicated to running the ball. The Falcons will have success running the ball IF they can stay in the lead. If the Falcons lose the lead (or trail by more than one score), they could get run out of the Dome two weeks in a row. If Willie Parker gets anywhere close to 185 yards (Tiki’s total last week), the Steelers could replicate their success of a week ago. The Steelers are getting everyone’s best game this year – so they need to be prepared to meet the intensity of the Falcons. The Giants said the Falcons defenders didn’t want to tackle the runners last week. That’s a recipe for disaster against the Steelers. Pittsburgh 30, Atlanta 17.

When you are playing a must win game against the Packers in Week 6 and you’re at home, and you’re less than a TD favorite, your team isn’t very good. The Raiders are the only team that is clearly worse than the Packers. The Dolphins, under the leadership of Joey Harrington, are an unimpressive bunch. When teams underperform like this, they either play great games (Exhibit A: Detroit at St.Louis, 49ers at Cardinals) or awful games. I’ve learned my lesson about taking NFC North teams on the road. Bears at Cardinals – bad move; Vikings at Bills – bad move. Miami 20, Green Bay 13.

This is one of the better matchups of the season…Tampa Bay vs. Philadelphia. I would like the Bucs at home because of the emergence of their young QB. The strength of the Philadelphia Eagles, though, is the defense. The Eagle secondary, however, will have to prepare for a QB who can make all throws and is willing to stand in against tough pressure. The NFC East has a couple of strong armed QBs, but they’re both statues which means the release point and location of the ball makes it easier for DBs to make plays. Tampa’s mobile QB may not be so easy to pin down. The Bucs are coming off a win over one of the best teams in the league. Confidence should be high. Take the Bucs, give the points. Tampa Bay 24, Eagles 21.

Lions at the Jets. I’m just not going there. Jets 28, Lions 10. That means John Kitna will probably throw four touchdown passes and the Lions will actually win by 10.

The Panthers are 4-0 since the return of Steve Smith. The Panthers can put up some serious numbers on offense, but the Bengals are truly an elite unit. The NFC South is matching up with the AFC North this year. So far, it’s a mixed bag. The Bucs have beaten the Bengals and lost to the Ravens. We’ll see what happens to the Bengals this week. Rudi Johnson should be well rested after his limited number of carries last week. Panthers get ur done on the road. Carolina 34, Cincinnati 31.

Denver is going to Cleveland to attend the reunion of mediocre defensive linemen. How boring is this going to be? This could be the worst game of the day. Forget about Elway and Byner and Marty and The Drive. Forget about all of that perennial playoff power stuff. Denver 20, Cleveland 14. Anybody else wondering why the Broncos are only 4.5 point favorites over the lowly Browns? I smell a rat.

I like Indy to beat Washington, but I can’t say that I like the spread. Why? The Colts barely beat the Titans at home – and the ‘Skins lost to the Titans in Washington. Something’s got to give. Either Vince Young is really that good – and I’m nuts or the undefeated Colts have actually taken a step back this year even while getting off to a fast start – and Washington is as inconsistent as the resident political parties. I’ll go with the home team to pull this one out. Indy 28, Washington 17.

Seattle and Minnesota could be a real sleeper. I’m thinking Seahawks win easy. Seattle 31, Minnesota 14.

Arizona at Oakland? Go figure. If the Raiders play as they did against the Broncos, they should be fine – unless the Cardinals are able to replicate most of their game last week against the Bears. I’ve gotta like Leinart in this game to get the job done. I know that Andrew Walter will be up for this game. Arizona State-USC, Round II. Edge USC. Cardinals 20, Raiders 16.

Monday Night KnockOut…Cowboys hosting the Giants. I can’t see the Giants winning this game. The Falcons are not as tough as the Cowboys. It’s not a question of personnel, but one of game planning and positioning. I know the Giants beat Atlanta, but I’m not a true believer yet. Winning this game probably won’t do it either since I don’t think the Cowboys are all that good either. I’m taking the home team. Dallas 24, New York 17.


  1. Yea – glad I didn’t get to read this before yesterday’s games 🙂 Not really, but am now. I got 8 right against the spread and went with Tampa Bay again…nice choice. Who could have picked Minneosta and Oakland – no way.

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