An Open Letter to ESPN – No More Tee-Oh Coverage

Dear ESPN:

Cease and desist.  Enough is enough. 

Your producers may be seduced by ratings spikes in the same way that bloggers have been known to “chase traffic.”  Whether it’s chasing an ambulance or lingering over a train wreck, I believe the production managers at ESPN are running the asylum.  Your reporters, especially former athletes like Tom Jackson, Mark Schelereth and Sean Salisbury, are simply tired of covering the man Bill Parcells refers to as, “the player.” 

I could put together a lengthy eloquent plea that chronicles my long standing INSIDER membership, my magazine subscription and more.  I won’t.  Such a plea is as beneath me as your continued wallowing in this muck of a story (all of the stories – not just the “suicide” story).  I simply want to remind that there are thousands of stories that merit consider attraction and could generate ratings if framed properly. 

How about an expose on addiction to pain killers in the NFL?  How about raising the bar and pulling out the rug from under Roger Goodell by focusing on steroid use?  How about acknowledging that there are other wide receivers in the NFL – and some of them actually hang on to the ball when running crossing routes in front of linebackers?  Perhaps Kenny Mayne should take over all of the operations in Bristol. 

If the inmates are going to run the asylum, your looniest resident (and most beloved) should be in charge.

Find your self, ESPN – before you begin to lose your heart and soul – your membership.

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