It’s Early but…Michigan 27, Notre Dame 7!!

Michigan has opened a can of 27-7 whip ass on Notre Dame.  I thought the Blue would win with Michael Hart in the lineup.  He’s an excellent runner who put up numbers comparable to Oklahoma’s Adrian Peterson a couple of years ago.  So far, so good.  ND looks like the overrated busters I thought they were last year.  And Quinn doesn’t look like Brady lite.  Go Blue.


  1. Well….have to hand it to the Wolverines today – they man-handled the Irish. Offense, defense, and special teams. I don’t think Hart was that impressive though, Henne won the game for the Blue – he was very impressive.

    As far ND being over-rated…might appear so after this win, but we’ll see at the end of the season. Quinn’s comparisons to Tom Brady should stop at the fact that both are associated with the same coach – that’s it. Brady has been a 4-year started at ND with stats that aren’t even comparable to Tom Brady’s. That said, he most likely won’t have as successful a pro career.

    Anyway – Blue looked good – should shoot them up the polls!

  2. Just a thought – I only watched the first half – and not as closely as I would have liked, but it appeared to me that Mario Manningham and Henne were so successful precisely because Hart was so tough to tackle and required ND to play with 8 in the box. Manningham’s TD’s were mostly against single coverage – and there no safeties in the picture.

    I haven’t checked the stats, but I saw Hart move the pile, break tackles and fight hard to get yards in plays that were stacked up last year. ND picked their poison yesterday. They chose the Henne-Manningham concoction and it was fatal.

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