HTTV on HDTV (Michigan – Notre Dame)

Michigan-Notre Dame.

It’s not the biggest game on a huge slate of games tomorrow.  It’s the game where I have a rooting interest though.  I spent four of the best years of my life in Ann Arbor.  I’m a long way from the Harlan Hatcher library these days, but the U still generates some favorable buzz.  There are thousands of alums here.  Still, I have to believe Chicago is the place to be this weekend if you’re a shit-talking alum of either Notre Dame or Michigan.  Last week, before the Manning Bowl, I was walking through the parking lot.  A car was pulling out of the lot and some college kid was rockin’ a Michigan jersey in the passenger seat.  I yelled at him – “Fight Song! – Let’s Go.”  Nothing, not a word…just a face full of fear.  Since I was standing in front of their car, this was understandable.  It turns out that the little puke actually went to Maryland and didn’t know a word of HTTV (Hail to the Victors).  I bet he never wears that Michigan t-shirt again and calls momma to get him some Terp gear in a hurry.

Side Note:  ESPN is showing the 1999 ND-Mich game.  Michigan used Drew Henson and Tom Brady.  Brady was the bomb at Michigan.  He just didn’t get to play much.  He played the same way there as he does now for the Patriots…he just knows a lot more now.

I like Michigan to win the game 31-27 behind some strong running my Michael Hart.  I haven’t watched Michigan enough to know for sure where they’ll be throwing the ball.  Still, I imagine that they’ll find a way to get the ball to Steve Breaston.  Hart was injured for much of last year and his absence cost the team greatly.  Michigan has a nice secondary, but they don’t match up well with ND’s receivers.  No team matches up well with these two.  The Blue will have to get pressure on Quinn and contain Darius W. on screens, draws and check downs.  ND has a lot of weapons, but if Michigan can run and score, they’ll win.  This is a huge game for Chad Henne…he has to step up to begin to rebuild his legacy.

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