Cultural Location

What is your cultural location(s)?  Where are you “located” culturally?  How does your location change based on your location?  How does it change based on your perception?  How much control do you have over your location?

In simpler terms, “Who are you?”  How do you know who you are – and why do you say you are whom you say you are? Tabula rasa?


  1. dude – entirely too deep for me today. lets see a blog on your beloved wolverines and their big game in south bend this weekend!

  2. I’ve been thinking about that game. I’m going to put something together about all 7 games later today. BTW, if Michael Hart is 100%, Wolves roll.

    It’s rainy here in NYC – I wish I was on that beach in Grenada in my pic. That was the warmest, bluest water I’ve been in in years – okay maybe weeks – I just came back from Mexico celebratin’ an anni.

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