The Governator: Typing in Stereo

Folks over at the Tavern (where the beer is always cold) decided to blast Arnold for an uninformed foray into the American wasteland of discussing ethnic characteristics.  I said the following:


 Of course the problem with rejecting any and all “stereotypes” is that everyone becomes merely an individual – and those elements of shared practice, belief and physiology all melt away behind some intellectual reinforcement of the status quo. The denial of cultural identity is part and parcel of the rejection of “stereotypes.” “Stereotypes” are not the same as caricatures.

At this juncture, you’re only a stone’s throw away from, “There are no black people. There are no Africans. There is no Africa. There are no Europeans. There are no Asians – no Japanese, no Chinese, no Saudis. No nations. No religions. No Buddhists…and there are no certainly no shared practices or anything else between these people. There are only individuals…we’re all just people.”

Are there exceptions to “stereotypes”? Of course…it’s why they’re types and not rules. Are caricatures often confused with stereotypes? All the time. Is it helpful to know the difference? Hell yes. ‘Cause if you don’t know the difference, you’ll be looking for diversity that simply does not exist in a meaningful way – kinda like trying to find the nice guy at a Klan meeting. No me gusta!

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