Michael Irvin and Puff Pieces on…

the Cowboys and graduates of the University of Miami are passe.

ESPN has to get with the program and ensure that Mike doesn’t go out there embarassing himself and the network with those awful puff pieces.  Last time I checked, THA U was on THA Ropes.  LSU beat them like a drum.  Florida State beat them again.  Virginia Tech may be looking for some action.  They are perilously close to being called the Sugar Canes again.  As for Cowboys, there isn’t much to be said that hasn’t already been said – too often.

There is no news in Dallas.  They simply have to play.  Making the playoffs would be a start.  What kind of questions should Michael Irvin be asking when he does his inevitable interview with the Cowboys?

1) How will the loss of Larry Allen as an anchor for the offensive line impact your ability to run the ball?

2) How will Marion Barber be used?  Are you concerned about Julius Jones’ durability? [Tell us why you didn’t draft Stephen Jackson again.]

3) Do you believe Terrance Newman will emerge as an elite cover corner this year?

4) Last year, your secondary was beaten twice by Santana Moss.  What’s the plan to keep something like that from happening again?

5) The NFC East promises to be a super competitive division this year.  How comfortable are you with your field goal kicking situation?

6) Will you be using more two tight end sets to get your rookie Anthony Fasano on the field as a blocker and receiver?

If I were a Cowoby fan (which I would NEVER be) these are questions I’d like to get answers to – unless I already knew the answers.  However, the national media has not asked a single one of these questions in their many sessions with the Cowboys.  It’s like a train wreck.  Hopefully, Michael Irvin will give up his seat as conductor.  He’s better than that.

I miss Sterling Sharpe!!


  1. Dear Michael,

    Man some people just don’t get the point. When a man has three rings on his fingers and your stats, you have a right to talk your mind.

    The NFL is not some training grounds for what a bee’s, your either a play maker or a spectator.

    You Michael were and always will be the real deal. I wish that I had a Reciever with half your talent when I was playing ball.

    You and Troy hooking it up was some of the best memories I have as a Dallas Cowboy Fan.

    You brought your game face to work everyday, especially in the games that counted “PLAYOFF”S and SUPER BOWLS” who in the hell are they to call you stupid(?)

    You should have told him to kiss your ass man, you earned your right to be here, what the hell did he ever do(?)

    You take it easy my Brother from another Mother, next time don’t tolerate that type of crap from a man will 10% of your talent .

    Tell Jerry, it’s time to start shopping for a new QB, Drew is done and the bell has rung, they need a younger experienced quarterback with a gun………..

    Tell T.O. to hang in there, he’s the real deal too man. If he can just control himself on and off the field he can and will great things for the Dallas Cowboys.

    Tell Jones (RB) that the real yards are made between the tackles, tell Parcell’s to get Barber (RM) some more carries here and there and watch that brother rip up some field (he a star, they don’t even know how good he can really be and never will if they don’t let him play).

    From the ICEMAN to you…………..

  2. Hay Michael,

    Have you ever thought of coaching, you have a hell of a lot to teach young player’s, especially those who really want to make it to the NFL.

    Think about it, because your too good of a person to be used and abused by networks who aren’t paying you your due!

    Remember, somewhere down the line someone helped you my Brother from another Mother, and you have a responsibility to pass the love around especially to those whom truly respect you and would welcome you into their school, their neighborhood, lives and homes………..

    From the ICEMAN to you……………..

  3. Man some people just don’t get the point. When a man has three rings on his fingers and your stats, you have a right to talk your mind.

    When you’re in front of the camera, you most definitely have the right to speak your mind. That ain’t got nuthin’ to do with this.

    When you’re behind the camera (and that’s where he is as an ESPN employee) he has an obligation to ask get viewers…and that’s not the same thing.

    And, getting viewers is not the same thing as asking real questions about what’s wrong with the ‘Boys. Asking tough questions is like knucklin’ up to get the tough yards – and that’s how Irvin played.

    And the puff pieces are whack. If that’s your boy – step off the dils for a second and reckon about how much better he would be if he took up the same challenges in the studio that he took up on the field. He could be much better.

    Thanks ice…

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