Is Brett Favre Done?

Let me know what you think.  At this point, it’s hard for me to determine if his flaws are due to age; limited receivers and injured running backs; poor offensive line play; predictable play calling; or an inability to read defenses (never a strong suit).  I’ve never been a huge Favre fan – that’s on me; not on him.  That said, one of the best games I’ve ever seen was when Favre beat the Ravens several years ago in Green Bay.  He was nearly perfect that day.  He’s had tons of days like that.  The question today, however, is how many more of those days are left?


  1. I wrote this post Sunday morning – before the Packs’s game with the Bears. Today marked the first time Brett Favre had been shut out in his career.

    His career is heading in the wrong direction. Everyone gets old – some get old faster than others. Some simply get older. In either case, the transition is difficult and Brett and the Packers have some more growing pains ahead.

  2. I agree with you – I think Brett should have retired last year or even the year before. He gave his career a second burst after the mid 90s and it was squashed by the 4th and 26 play in Philly a few years ago. Since then the team including Brett have been on a downhill slide. Much thanks to coach and GM Mike Sherman for that too.

    I recall the game against the Ravens you refer to as well. The Ravens came in with the highly tauted defense and Favre picked them apart – it was an amazing performance. I’ve seen so many games that it’s hard to chose one, but the Monday night performance against the Raiders a couple years ago was amazing too!

    All of that said I wished he had retired so they could start rebuilding. This from a HUGE packer fan and an even bigger Favre fan.

    Oh well…we’ll see what we can do this weekend.

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