Donte Stallworth Joins Philadelphia Eagles

This story is a few days old, but I’m highlighting it because I know folks have been wondering what my season picks are going to look like for the 2006 NFL season.  In the spring, I believed the Eagles were going to be a terrible offensive team.  I don’t anymore.  I believe the Eagles will be competitive in the NFC East.  I believe the Eagles will surprise some teams who may continue to underestimate them because of roster changes.

With that said…here’s what I know about Donte Stallworth:  1) he doesn’t spell his name like brothers named Daunte; 2) he caught 70 balls for the New Orleans Saints last year 3) he’s never been a #1 receiver.  Joe Horn carried the water in New Orleans for the receiving corps.  Stallworth was initially branded an underachiever because he frequently dropped passes he should have caught and because he failed to dominate his competition.  Stallworth attended the University of Tennessee.  UT has a mixed tradition of excellent and underachieving wide receivers.  On the plus side are pass catchers like Carl Pickens, Anthony Miller and Willie Gault.  On the minus are players like Peerless Price and Joey Kent.  It’s a mixed bag with UT receivers.  Still, it’s arguable that only Ohio State and Michigan have placed more big name receivers in the NFL over the past 15 years.

Stallworth will have a tremendous opportunity to play with a strong armed QB in Philly.  Donte will not outrun balls in Philly as he was likely to do with a rehabbing Drew Brees in New Orleans.  Stallworth comes to a team without an established #1 or #2 receiver.  The Eagles, prior to this signing, had a roster full of #3 receivers (or worse) in Todd Pinkston, Reggie Brown and Greg Lewis.  None of these players are elite players.  In fact, the book is only open on Reggie Brown.  It’s closed on Pinkston and Lewis.  Stallworth introduces another element.

Used in tandem with LJ Smith (TE) and Bryant Westbrook, Stallworth offers the Eagles a unique opportunity to spread the field and attack all three levels of the defense.  He also allows the Eagles to deploy Smith and/or Westbrook deep to trick defenses while running shorter patterns underneath.  If he can manage to hang onto the ball he can reap some serious dividends for his new team.  If nothing else, it will be interesting to see the chemistry develop between McNabb and Stallworth.


  1. Ahh…this position is what has held Philly from winning the big prize. No WRs! With a decent QB in McNabb, a good all purpose back in Westbrook, and a great offensive mind like Reid they should have won it by now. I think their time has passed. The NYG will win that division this year and for years to come.

  2. I like the Giants to win this year as well. I will have to refigure how many games I have the Iggles winning this year. I had them at 5 before this trade. The defense has holes to fill without Corey Simon – and they have some durability/endurance issues along the front four.

    The Giants are stacked. I also think you have to like what the Cowboys are doing. Even without Owens, they’ll pose a significant challenge on both sides of the ball. Great depth at RB, Witten and Glenn give them nice options on offense. The addition of a second pass catching TE (Fasano?) could really make them tougher than people think.

  3. Fasano was a stud at Notre Dame when he played there – nice pick up for Dallas. Though I was a bit surprised they took him with Whitten on the roster. We’ll see how those running backs down there do…they are the key.

  4. Parcells is going to load up on TEs so that he can play power ball on the road in the winter in the NFC East. When you have to go to Philly, Washington and New York (among other places) in bad weather, it’s easier to get the job done with two TEs. If both can catch, it’s even better.

    Belicheck has 3 or 4 tight ends this year. I think you’re going to see the Cowboys and Patriots pass alot out of heavy bunch formations. I mean, imagine defending a field with Witten, Fasano, Ownens and possibly a third tight end. Is it run or pass? Is Witten getting single coverage deep against a safety or linebacker because you guessed run OR is Julius Jones running around end for 25 yards because you guessed pass OR is Fasano converting a third down and 5 because you played it straight up? Pick your poison.

  5. I know Donte will do a wonderful job. He has all the tools needed to have a great season. Philly is the place and Now is his time.

  6. Don’t we do this every year with him. If he can stay healthy. He was the first receiver I took in my fantasy draft last year. He and McNabb started out on fire. We’ll see how it goes this year – for both of them.

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