I’m Baaack!!

Mexico was the bomb. A few flicks may follow at a later date.

During my travels through the Newark airport – into and out of Cancun, Mexico – and back again, I had to laugh at the utter absurdity of the process as it exists today.  I’ll go on the record as saying I do not believe (in the absence of firm proof) that those who conducted the World Trade Center attack did so without the help and/or prior knowledge of leading figures in the US government.  I could provide links to some comprehensive websites with detailed stories indicating a conspiracy.  I won’t do that.  I don’t even think it’s necessary.  I could say, “Go to whatreallyhappened.com and check them out.”  I won’t.  Why?  Because I’m not a conspiracy theorist, per se.  I’m more of an Absurdity Theorist.  What’s that you ask?

I see absurd shit all the time that people try to pass off as legitimate – and in doing so, they always reveal an ulterior motive.  Take the case of George W. Bush going to New Orleans in August of 2006.  That’s simply absurd.  What’s he doing there?  What’s the point?  It is simply ridiculous that this infant of a man would dare set his feet inside the city limits of New Orleans.  He forfeited the right to ever do more in that city than pay for a $2 ho last year.  He has no business there this year that he didn’t have last year.  It’s absurd.  So, there must be something else going on here.  Well, if you’ve studied the history of this region and floods and black folk and real estate – I don’t need to say a word.  If you haven’t, now would be a good time.  A truly curious student can find their own way.  Check back if you get lost.

Some more absurd shit…no gel on the airplane.  Now let me be the first to say that I have no fears of terror attacks in the US.  Why?  Because I generally concur – and always have with the findings of a new article in the Foreign Affairs journal. Quite simply, it’s absurd to suggest that a nation with as many accessible borders as the US, as many dumb ass airport security people, as many access points to food and water shipments could protect itself from the type of threat that Al-Qaeda (also known as Al K. Duh) is alleged to pose.  The group is all-power, all-knowing, invisible and omnipresent.  The group is ruthless, plotting, persistent and capable.  Juxtapose the absurdity of this proposition with what you know about those high-school dropout buddies of yours working for TSA – then hollah back.

People in the US need to relax.  At the same time that this issue is supposed to be so grave, NBC sees fit to bless it’s viewers with Fear Factor.  Other networks have similar “reality TV” lineups.  What could be more absurd than a cast of wannabees chilling in the ‘Wood busting with fake tears after being “voted off the island”?  Are we really supposed to be scared?

And don’t forget to take off your flip-flops granny!  We don’t know if the C-4 is in your sandals or in your girdle.

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