Reggie Bush Revisited

get used to it – there are going to be some reggie bush posts on this blog for awhile.  he’s likely to run for longer than i blog – and run better than i type.  i caught a few of the highlights last night and it was nothing spectacular, but it was exciting.  why?  bush is a classic runner with incredible balance.  most runners have a dominant leg and can make powerful cuts off of that dominant leg.  many runners run and make cuts with both feet (as in the jump cut) and lose acceleration in the process.  barry sanders was unique because he made cuts with both feet, but seemed to gain speed through his cuts.

bush appears to be the same way.  only last night, he did something you don’t see too often.  he made a power cut off the wrong foot and slid between two defenders.  he is faster than a cheetah and slipperier (is that a word?) than a greased up (pronounced greezed-up) pig.   oh, and he’s got some pop too.  bush ran by the cowboys’ faster defender, terrance newman, all game.  newman runs around a 4.2/40.  but a 4.2 won’t help you deal with all that shake and bake.  bush’s agility makes a 4.2 slow down to a 4.5…and it makes a big men play on their heels – and that’s never pretty for the big fellas.  it’s gonna be a beautiful thing. 

the last highlight of bush featured another cutback run.  on this one, he gets out to the right, slows down and moves quickly back toward his left.  the only thing between him and the endzone was a defender chasing down the play from upfield.  none of the defenders between bush and the endzone could have made a play.  

that means two things: the saints offensive linemen will have an added incentive to block through the conclusion of a play.  they cannot give up on a play and release their defenders until the whistle blows.  coaches say it, but great players demand it.  it also means that all 11 defenders have to respect what bush can do when he’s on the field.  his mere presence will make defenders a step or two slower to cover deuce mcallister, joe horn and dante stallworth.  if you miss a step with any of them, you can grab a seat on the bench – touchdown.  i haven’t been this pumped about a player since the steelers drafted roethlisberger because i knew that a qb was all that separated them from another ring.  bush is electric and will pay dividends in a hurry. 


  1. I still can’t believe the Texans chose not to take Bush – I think sports fans will look back at this choice similar to the Sam Bowie (instead of Michael Jordan) debacle. You simply can’t pass up a talent like him…and hold on to Dominick Davis instead.

    All that said, I think the other back from USC (LenDale White) will be a bust in the NFL. Just too big…may end up playing fullback instead. He’s a product of USC and their massive offensive line.

  2. I feel your pain. With that said, I really like Domanick Davis. I like LSU guys. He caught 68 balls in a single season and he moves the pile. On my old blog, I addressed this issue as a question of Bush’s added value over Davis’ anticipated production with the additions of Moulds and Putzier vs. the added value of Mario Williams. It’s difficult to argue statistically that Bush’s on-field production would significantly exceed that of Davis given the structure of their offense. Domanick Davis behind a zone blocking scheme should average about 4.5 yards per carry, total about 1,350 yards and score 10-13 touchdowns. He should also bring in about 50 catches. If you have that in the fold, it’s tough to go out and get another running back – especially when you’ll have a shot at Adrian Peterson or some other guy if this experiment doesn’t work.

    Kubiak’s job is not on the line this year. It’s on the line two or three years from now. He can have the Bush trade go wrong – but he can’t have his faith in David Carr be misplaced. That would be fatal. Carr is really the key to this whole thing. The offense should be markedly different this year. They should be more productive on 3rd and short and in the redzone. The Texans might surprise and finish second to the Colts in their division. Moulds and Putzier will free up Andre Johnson and Domanick Davis. If they can stay healthy, you have to respect each of these players – even though Johnson is the only true game-breaker in the bunch.

    When DD breaks one, he doesn’t go in untouched. He usually drags about three or four guys along for the ride. I’m also big on Bush (no pun intended), but I understand the decision.

    I hope you’re wrong about Lendale White, but the prognosis is just as you’ve said. He just may be too big. And the Jacksonvill Jaguars will give him 2 opportunities every year to prove his mettle. If you wanna be a tough guy, tell it to Marcus Stroud and John Henderson. Their the chairpersons of the AK Committee.

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