Harold Cruse and Andrew Young

Let’s just say that there is no correlation between age and grace.  Andrew Young stepped out of his corporate cocoon (Walmart spokesperson) to indict three ethnic groups for their practices as merchants within poor urban communities across America.  His comments were occasioned by a spirited defense of the business practices of WalMart.  In castigating Jews, Koreans and Arabs for gouging and delivering inferior quality products, Andrew Young inspired the ire of civil rights groups representing each of the three culture groups.  Young apologized for his comments and resigned his post at WalMart.  These comments may remain as a permanent blemish on the career of Andrew Young.  At age 74, he is unlikely to make many more significant splashes in his career.  That’s the summary.  For news reports, check out my previous post to P6. 

With that said, there are several unstated issues that will escape expression within the national media that reveal the ongoing ‘twixt and ‘tween confusion among black political leaders.  And, it has everything to do with the historical maxims put down by Harold Cruse (and Ralph Bunche) regarding Black leadership within the United States of America.

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