Minnesota Vikings II

When it rains it pours. Yesterday, I wrote that I didn’t care much for the Vikings chances this year. In the offseason, they traded the QB with the highest completion percentage of any player in league history (min. 2500 attempts). We’ll see how that turns out. I wouldn’t have done it. They drafted the guy, put his face all over the stadium, then balked when he wanted $10 million per year. I wouldn’t have done it.

On Monday, they lost their number 1 draft pick, Chad Greenway, for the year. First of all, I wouldn’t have drafted Greenway. I know he’s talented, but I always liked Abdul Hodge (same Iowa LB corps) more than Greenway. He plays with more leverage and power. Greenway is taller and I always felt like he was susceptible to serious injury. I wish it didn’t happen – but here we are. The Vikes are looking for more depth among their linebackers and there are no more Greenway’s out there. It’s a wrap.

Today, WR Koren Robinson went overboard. He, sadly, appears to have suffered a relapse. Alcohol is a lifelong combatant for even the bravest soldiers. You won’t know you’ve won that war until it’s all over. Koren is having a tough time. He was arrested for several things. He is alleged to have been driving under the influence at 100mph. That’s a serious problem. Before he gets back on the field, he has to find himself and get rooted in something larger than the game.

This recent turn of events is sad on several levels. Principally, you have young men with their lives in front of them facing the spectre of serious loss. The real question is how will they cope with this adversity. It is a choice. The road ahead is neither paved nor determined for them. Chad Greenway and Koren Robinson have a choice about the type of player or the type of man they will become. The Minnesota Vikings, however, have no choice. As sure as the sun will rise and Greenway and Robinson will enter their respective rehabs, the Vikings will be no better than mediocre.

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