Macacan’t We Talk this Over

Sen. George Allen Meets With Indian PAC Members Over Calling Rival Staffer ‘Macaca’

It is at precisely this juncture where American conservative politicians can absolutely kiss my ass. If it was funny last week, when ‘Macaca’ was the only one “in the house,” damn it, it’s funny now. Don’t backtrack, don’t apologize, don’t meet, don’t curry favor (pun intended), don’t beg, don’t whimper. Just stand your ground, ala the Governator, and say – you don’t take kindly to being followed around by brown guys who are new to the country and have no notion of what it’s like to live in a civilized society – and the same holds true of folks born in Virginny – like your ‘Macaca.’

If you meant nothing and stated your case plainly, you would not have to apologize for ‘hurt feelings’ to anyone. This is some more pseudo-conservative Republican BS. One minute you’re waffling on castigating non-whites, the next minute your flip-flopping on punishments for career criminals like Rush Limbaugh.  He’s nothing like his football coaching father.  What a wuss! 

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