‘Cause You Let a Jew Break Up My Crew

White supremacists all across America can be heard singing this refrain from Ice Cube’s legendary battle rhyme “No Vaseline.”  It seems there is a rift among the leadership and the rank-and-file membership of some of America’s leading high-profile white supremacist organizations.  Divide and conquer can be a beautiful thing.

Quote of Note (my emphasis):

“While in the past he has managed to bridge this divide mainly by ignoring it, American Renaissance founder Jared Taylor now must finally come to terms with the split. His dilemma boils down to this: Throw out the anti-Semites and try to build a larger movement with electoral possibilities like those increasingly seen in Britain and Germany; or openly join hands with the very energetic neo-Nazis, even though that means the loss of any remaining shred of respectability.” 

And this:

“Growing anti-Semitism also reflected the view of many segregationists that Jews were behind the black civil rights movement of the 1950s and 1960s. The bombings of several Southern synagogues by white supremacists underlined this conviction.

In recent decades, however, mainstream American society has rejected anti-Semitism, to the point where it is generally seen as more acceptable to voice ugly views of blacks than Jews. And this has not been lost on certain sectors of the radical right that have become increasingly interested in gaining real political power. Given recent developments in the United States — especially large-scale Latin American immigration and the threat of radical Islamist terror — these sectors have wondered if it wasn’t better to direct their hate at people of color, rather than Jews who are seen by most Americans as white. Seeing the electoral success of neofascists in Germany and Britain who aim their wrath at dark-skinned immigrants and Muslims generally, many American radical leaders have sought to dispense with anti-Semitism.” 

It is news to me that asserting Jewish Americans funded the Civil Rights Movement is an “anti-semitic” position.  That sounds like a liberal media bias and a bit of revisionism.  What was once a badge of honor is now a source of shame and akin to Nazi propaganda.  Perhaps the person who might have most shocked by this news was Professor Harold Cruse, author of Crisis of the Negro Intellectual and Plural but Equal.  Times have really changed.  Someone should get a memo to Arlene Peck.  She must have been duped.  She writes:

“Jews founded and led the NAACP and were at the forefront of the Civil Rights Movement.  And didn’t we all support them?  And what about the United Negro College Fund?  Wasn’t “a mind a terrible thing to waste?”  We gave there, too.  Is it asking too much for just a smidgen of support from these same people, or their offspring, many of whom benefited from our contributions but never give back?”

That’s some perspective, huh? 

Create, Contribute, Direct, Dismantle, Deny.  Contours on the Life and Times of Endogenous Leadership in the NAACP, 1909-2006.  I’ll let you know when it’s done.

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