In the Beginning, there was WordPress!

There are hundreds of thousands, and a potentially infinite number, of categories on WordPress. This morning, I noticed that the first category is “Uncategorized.” Perhaps that’s the way it was at the dawn of time. Is our real cosmogony wrapped up in the structure of WordPress?

Perhaps the first moment was not a creative moment, but a cognitive moment. In other words, the beginning could just as well have been an awareness of no-thing, as it could have been a creation of some-thing.

“Planck time (10-43s) is the time it would take a photon travelling at the speed of light to cross a distance equal to the Planck length. This is the “quantum of time”, the smallest measurement of time that has any meaning. Within the framework of the laws of physics as we understand them today, we can neither measure nor discern any difference between the universe at the time it first came into existence and the universe anything less than 1 Planck time later. Hence, it exceeds the limitations of an empirically-based science to find evidence of the nature of the origin of the universe.” 

If this is true, let’s take the empirical approach out of it for a second. What are we left with? A question that still cannot be answered logically, but may require a leap of faith. In the beginning, there was the word – and it was Uncategorized.

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