NFL Pre-Season Predictions

I came out of the box early with my preliminary NFL Season predictions. I’ve waited to get on to the 2nd and final version of the picks. Around this time of year, a few players get hurt and some of the injuries are significant. Cleveland Browns center (a high-profile free agent acquisition, intended to anchor the offensive line and lead the offense) LeCharles Bentley is already out for the year. Tonite, Clinton Portis, RB for the Washington Redskins was separated from his shoulder. The reunion might take a month. It’s too soon to tell. Washington, though, will be a different team without Portis.

I’ll be coming back with a second set of predictions in a couple of weeks. I want to see how things shake out with respect to injuries. By the way, I still like the Saints.


  1. Hey, I came across your blog while browsing through Technorati today. I just wanted to say a couple things about your preseason predictions. First of all, I think the Texans will definitely regret not taking Bush with the first pick. I don’t think D.Davis will get back on track this season, and will be surprised if he hits the 1,200 yards you’re predicting for him. Also, I don’t think Culpepper will have a good year. He relies on his ability to scramble, so if his knee shows any lingering effects of that injury, it’s going to limit his effectiveness.

  2. Thanks for the comments. Thoughtful – no question. I’ll stick with my predictions because I like going out on a limb – especially with respect to football. I like the Texans and Miami because Davis and Ronnie Brown are running backs with power games. They’re not finesse players – and both can catch out of the backfield. Davis caught 68 balls a couple of years ago.

    Both the Texans and Dolphins figure to significantly use their tight ends this year. Putzier and McMichael are not Gates and Gonzalez, but they don’t need to be. When you have a power running game, a tight end who is an effective safety valve and a QB that can “make all the throws,” you have the ingredients for a strong, balanced offense.

    If the Texans’ offense is balanced they won’t miss Bush as much as folks think. In one of my earlier posts at my old site, I talk about how if you look at the draft as simply Williams vs. Bush, the Texans were clearly out of their minds to take Williams. However, if you look at it given their additions of Moulds and Putzier and the return of Davis, it makes some sense. I think Bush is the truth – a real live blend of M&M (Marcus Allen and Marshall Faulk), but that means nothing right now.

    As for Daunte, check out his stats. He hasn’t run much in years. Also, the year when he battled Manning for league MVP, he played about 7 games without Randy Moss (2 with Moss on the field as a decoy). He’s never played with a group of receivers this big and hungry. None of these guys is Randy Moss, but damn, how good do you have to be to hit Chambers 1-on-1 and dump it down to Randy McMichael and Ronnie Brown. In addition, who is the number #1 QB in the history of the league on completion percentage (min. 2500 passes)? Exactly. So, let’s see what happens. He doesn’t run as much as he used to and if he’s healthy, I’d rather play with him than against him.

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