The Long, Strange Resurrection of New Orleans

Fortune magazines’ cover story this month is about New Orleans. Aside from the fact that Fortune managed to snap photos for the cover, a table of contents image, and 20 pages of text while only capturing one black face, the article promises to have some interesting information. Those Fortune photographers should get the annual White Wash Award in Media for 2006. Perhaps the editors felt it best to spare their readers from making the connections between poor black folk and the collusion of mismanagement between Washington, city hall and the State house in Louisiana. It is worth noting that Fortune is hosting an online debate about the redevelopment of New Orleans. I might be worth weighing in on that discussion and gathering some information.
Some quotes of note from the article:

“Nobody in Louisiana knows what noblesse oblige is. New Orleans is a hotbed of civic apathy – the only place in the country where rich, powerful people don’t have their fingers in everything. Katrina changed all that.”

“Southern Louisiana is easily as important to the nation’s energy supply as the Persian Gulf.”

“The Army Corps of Engineers has almost finished removing the 300,000 refrigerators in people’s yards and has begun work on the 250,000 wrecked cars still on the streets.”

This is not over by a long margin. There is still considerable work to be done.


  1. There is so much more still to be said and done, but we are like weeds. We are not going away unless you pull us up by the roots. We will come back.

    I missed the online debate/discussion. I think I’m going to have to round up my NOLA Bloggers peeps and pay that forum a visit.

    Thanks for taking time to write eabout New Orleans.
    Mark Folse
    Wet Bank Guide (

  2. One of my dearest friends in this world is from New Orleans. He was kind enough to be my tour guide on a trip back in ’93. One of the best times I’ve ever had. I have many fond memories of Bourbon Street (okay, maybe we shouldn’t call those memories – they’re more like involuntary movements and piecemeal flashbacks). I do remember Copeland’s and the Praline Connection and Snug Harbor and the Aquarium (best I’ve ever been to – never been to San Diego). I’ll be going back.

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