Jill Scott!!

First things first. I heard that Jody Whatley also performed in NYC last night – and that she absolutely ripped it! The word is that Ms. Whatley was looking spectacular, sounding supreme and moving with the grace, elegance and power of someone half her age. As I sat at the bar reminiscing with some folks who saw her show, I remembered Shalimar before she became a member of the group. Howard Hewitt really put it down back in the day. Big up to JW for keeping it going.

Now – back to our show! Last night, the Sugar Water Tour brought Queen Latifah, Jill Scott and Erykah Badu to Brooklyn for a benefit concert. We had great seats (right center – half way up – Row G). And I needed to be that close…Jill Scott was amazing. She does not have a peer group right now. She may have friends and associates and professional colleagues – but she does not have a peer group. Her stage presence, phrasing, patience, attitude and voice stand alone. She performed for about an hour and really took her time with her songs. It was a beautiful thing. The crowd was enthralled and I was damn glad I came up off them $70 bones to be in the spot. She concluded with an operatic rendition of “He Loves Me” that was absolutely surreal. Her voice is scintillating and it felt like her words were tingling all over me. It might have been the liquor – but I don’t think so.

I’m tend to be sparing in my distribution of props. I wouldn’t say I’m a haterade drinker, but I like to keep things in context. I definitely enjoyed Latifah and Erykah Badu-kadonk!!, but Jill sealed the deal for me at about 8:01 with her first note. It was all good from there. If you have not seen Ms. Scott in concert, I suggest handlin’ that binnis immejiately, if not sooner.


  1. I would go see her but she doesnt do concerts down in the C’bean at least not in Jamaica yet…but yeah millions of ppl feelin the way u do girl…Did u not love her albums? She’s rocking the scene eve without new stuff her stuff is both universal and timeless. Loving the reveiw.

  2. Sorry I think I just offended you by calling you girl…but ive never met any men who really appreciate Ms.Scott like you do..Sorry for the mix up…

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